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  • Alternative Fuels & Vehicles Conference

    Anyone going to Las Vegas for the National Alternative Fuels and Vehicles Conference. The FuelMaker guys are hiding out in the Honda Booth.
    You know if you had any hard questions you want to ask them. Like why FuelMaker didn't even put up a booth?? etc etc. California installers, warranty, Phill, you know. Jeff Harju and Don Jevons from Corporate in Toronto should be there. At least stop and say high, and compliment them on their support of the NGV effort in North America!
    Dave Clement

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    Re: Alternative Fuels & Vehicles Conference

    Dave,'s getting too pricey for small businesses (like mine) to attend, which kinda' defeats the purpose of the whole thing. Displaying is even worse.

    Would you believe, I can fly to Rio for the International NGV-2008 conference cheaper than I can go to Las Vegas?

    Believe it!

    Let me see now...Las Vegas...Rio...Las Vegas...Rio?

    AFV International llc


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      Re: Alternative Fuels & Vehicles Conference

      I could have driven it easily and still did not go.
      My fueling equipment biz just is not that rich.
      If we can get more vehicles, and then sell more
      fueling equipment, then we can travel more.
      Kind of hard to sell fueling equipment if there isn't
      a ready supply of NGV's available.
      Does bug me Fuelmaker didn't even do a booth.
      We need more support for the North American market
      from all the NGV and equipment manufacturers to help
      swing a change.
      Dave Clement