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With gas/diesel prices up, I thought more people would be discussing CNG again

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  • With gas/diesel prices up, I thought more people would be discussing CNG again

    Seems weird that there has not been any uptick on the forum since gas/diesel prices have gone up. For me, I've got everything back on CNG since I'm paying $1.29/GGE as opposed to $2.69 for gasoline and rising for gas and $3.00 and rising for diesel. A few years ago I was thinking I would not buy any NGVs going forward but that has all changed. I know what happened - that senile fool that is our president now is making decisions (or more probably allowing agenda driven staff to make decisions for him) to drive fuel cost up. I would have thought folks would be talking more about NGVs again. I just don't get these EVs being the immediate future since natural gas runs a lot of power generators these days. Solar and wind are so unreliable the renewable part of electric power does not solve much and is always close to shutdown due to natural disasters, bad weather, no weather (wind), or other uncontrollable issue. Seems like we are letting the government tell us how to think these days and politicians are clueless.

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    dont worry I have just got off ebay and ordered a new pixie dust carburetor for my pickup. if pixie dust is unavailable it can also use unicorn poop. so no need for cng. I checked out the company on the internet and found out they are headquartered at 1600 Pennsylvania av they claim to be able to fix everything . so I paypaled my money and am waiting by the mail box for the new diesel postal truck to bring my carburetor. I keep thinking that I remember something about that address just cant remember what.I asked the girl down the street with 5 kids and she said it is a great company. they sent her 8400 dollars so she would not have to spend money buying gas for her new suv to drive to work . so I will wait by the mailbox as I have nowhere to go as the bank foreclosed on my house. I wonder if these fine people could send me a bridge or a tent to live under? she told me not to worry as this company is over 200 years old and the name is a strange one it is government .dont worry be happy


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      Yea ... I'm waiting for something to arrive as well. I've got a few but I'm getting a couple more just in case. It makes a loud sound when you flip the little switch and pops out a little piece of metal. You don't want to be standing in the way when the little piece of metal pops out or it may hurt you. I am worried and I'm really not that happy these days. They are getting as rare as Unicorns these days and the little pieces of metal are as valuable as silver with the pixie dust it uses as black as night.