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Tentative CNG Road Trip Plans to 1/6/21 Wash DC Rally

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  • Tentative CNG Road Trip Plans to 1/6/21 Wash DC Rally

    I'm toying with the idea of doing a road trip in my 2012 Honda NGV to Wash DC to support the Jan 6, 2021 Trump rally.
    More info at

    The attached spreadsheet details planned CNG travel starting Jan 1, 2021 arriving Jan 5, 2021 (the return trip would start Jan 7).
    I thought the I-40 route would be better weather wise.
    I'm not too comfortable though with the 289 miles between Albequerque, NM & Amarillo, TX, especially if one or more rider(s) come along (interest anyone?).
    Of course, an NGV caravan would be awesome.

    Comments or suggestions?

    P.S. I think healthy folks can worry less about COVID given this recent study:
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    White '09 GX

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    Well, this trip is a NO-GO! I received a text from Bill Stallman:
    "As short and sweet as I can say it, Larry Williamson could make it to DC from where he is. But for us to cross the midwest, I can't see getting enough fuel in the tank for even the shortest leg - Interstate 80 through Nebraska. The dispensers put less fuel in the tank when it's cold in case vehicle warms up so pressure won't double."

    Thanks, Bill, for the feedback!
    White '09 GX


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      with temp comp you will get the same energy at the lower temp just at a lower pressure the computer computes the outside temp and makes a correction to what it would be 70 degrees at 3600. most of the time I find I get more than the comp chart lists when it is cold. just my 2 cents worth