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  • corona

    well the world is changing again. it seems just when all is good something comes along and upsets the cart. so here are my thoughts . one this could have some good things come out of .one most politicians are old an as such are on the endangered list could avoid need for term limits!!! two everyone staying home will give the environment time to regenerate. three family's staying home have time to say things like I love you. four time to finish all of those projects that you never quite get to including the honey do list .five getting a little honey for finishing the honey do list LOL. ok guys feel free to add to my list as all I hear is the bad . lets see how many good things we can come up with.

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    Everything from diesel fuel , gasoline, cars , houses will be on deep discount sale for a few years. Wholesale reform gasoline blendstock is 65 cents a gallon for April delivery ,crude oil is $ 20 a bbl.


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      Great list Cowboy! Here are some more:
      More appreciation for "social closeness" ? New focus on parents to actually teach their kids something at home.


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        40 oil tankers waiting to be unloaded in Houston; 17 at anchor in San Francisco Bay; price per gallon gasoline under $1.50 in Dallas TX.