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40 HP nat gas engine video

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  • 40 HP nat gas engine video Rins on waste priduct gas. Compact and simple to start.

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    You need to go out to Vista, Ca, for the antique engine and tractor show. They have a DC generator there that my grandfather moved from Riverside Cement to
    Catalina Island shortly after his discharge from WWI.

    When I running the stations in Long Beach we had 5 natural gas drive compressors. At that time to be AQMD exempt they had to be rated below 45 HP. 3 were Hurricane compressors made with 460 V8's 4 cylinders where the compressor the other 4 where the drive. They were a maintenance nightmare. One was a powered by a Ford 300/6 extremely reliable driver attache to a less than reliable compressor. The last was a Cat 6, It was not AQMD exempt and very expensive to keep in compliance.