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California's latest descent into liberal madness – Berkeley bans natural gas

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  • California's latest descent into liberal madness – Berkeley bans natural gas

    July 20, 2019

    From sanctuary cities to brutally high taxes, California is the undisputed center of gravity for today’s far-left. If you want to see how liberal policies would look on a national level, you don’t have to imagine it. You can just look at the thousands fleeing the once-great state.
    White '09 GX

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    As Washington Gov Inslee tries to take elimination of gas hookups in new construction to a state-wide level, recent power outages in Texas would suggest gas-fired electric generating plants are the best backup for severe weather events. The loss of gas supply pressure under heavy demand is prevented in many states by having LNG in refinery-size insulated tanks at the ready to inject into the piping network.

    The last link shows that over a dozen large natural gas electric plants would be on the chopping block in Washington State were Gov Islee's vision to be applied. Publicity of the dependency on natural gas for electric power generation is sorely lacking in the nation.



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      NGVAmerica podcast Nov 3 2020 - The RNG Revolution

      . . to have gone from less than 60 projects producing RNG to, now, 130 with 80-100 under development.

      Talk of pipelines means natural gas, to most. Natural gas, to many, only means "fracking." In committee hearings, when natural gas is mentioned there will be those that say, "Nope. Stop. We can't consider that. But when we mentioned bio-methane, then there was considerable interest."



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        I'm just going to say it and I don't really care if the forum bans/cancels/chastises me - the Biden administration is energy ignorant allowing leftest ideologues who only repeat their orthodoxy instead of thoroughly researching the topic. The business people (and citizens) like us pay the price for this stupidity. We are headed back to the Obama policies (and high fuel costs) where 100s of millions of dollars were wasted on Solar companies that could not make it without huge government subsidies all the while implementing policies to drive the cost of other fuels up. The current commander in chief is the senile senior who needs to be in bed by 8:00 could not even remember where he is - there is no chance he is going to come up with a good energy policy.


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          Chris Woodward for Energy 15 Nov 2021 - ‘Build Back Better’ Plan Includes Higher Costs Natural Gas

          The U.S. House of Representatives is expected to vote this week on its version of the budget reconciliation bill — also known as the “Build Back Better” bill — which includes increased fees on methane emissions. Methane is a byproduct of oil and natural gas production, and as a result, the fee would be an increase in the cost of production.

          “We must continue to drive down methane emissions without adding new burdens on American families and businesses,” added said Karen Harbert, President and CEO of the American Gas Association. “Our analysis indicates that the proposed tax could increase natural gas bills from 12 percent to 34 percent, depending on the variation of the proposal assessed.”