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CNG Natural Gas or Biogas cars. The blunt truth is Electric cars winning. But why?

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    Mike Roeth Jan 24, 2020 for ACTNews - No Doubt About It: The Future Is Electric

    For a time, trucking will be a multi-fuel industry, but in the end electricity will be the dominant power source for commercial vehicles . . as we move to a future zero-emission freight world, electric powered vehicles . . will dominate the marketplace. This will occur because of the efficiency of battery electric powertrains for transporting freight when viewed from well-to-wheel.

    Today the current technology diesel and natural gas engines can cover the entire variety of freight payloads and daily ranges when using renewable versions of the fuels. At this point, commercial battery electric vehicles are more suited to shorter regional and urban ranges with regenerative braking and with payloads somewhat below maximums due to the battery weight.

    Overall, the volume of production-level alternative fuel vehicles is very limited today. While many manufacturers are ramping up initial production lines for the 2020-2025 timeframe, significant production volumes are likely not feasible until the latter half of the decade, after designs have been through a few iterations based on field experience and market demand has increased substantially.