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Oils For Natural Gas Engines – On the Rise in the US

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  • Oils For Natural Gas Engines – On the Rise in the US

    March 19, 2010 | Source: | USA

    The new Shell Rotella T3 NG oil is a 15W-40 oil that uses a combination of high-performance additives to adapt and protect under the range of pressures and temperatures found in CNG/LNG fueled engines.

    There is no API standard for natural gas engines, but there are a couple of key specifications set up by engine manufacturers, including the Cummins CES 20074 and the Detroit Diesel 93k216. You want to make sure the oil you’re using meets the standards of the engine brand you’re using. One of the key differences is that natural gas engines have a specific limit on phosphorus to protect the catalyst. Phosphorus is part of the anti-wear additive package in engine oils. Another difference is that oxidation is less of a concern than in diesels, while nitration is a greater concern, so oils for these engines will be formulated with some different types of additives to protect against nitration vs. oxidation...

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