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Update on $.50 gge Fuel Tax Credit

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  • Update on $.50 gge Fuel Tax Credit

    NGVAmerica Newsletter 3/14/2010

    Natural Gas Fuel Tax Credit Extension Passes Senate

    The 50-cents per GGE fuel tax credit for natural gas when used as a transportation fuel passed the Senate this week, when, by a 62-to-36 vote, the Senate approved the American Workers, State and Business Relief Act (H.R. 4213). The bill would extend the tax credit for one year and retroactively apply it to the beginning of the year.

    The bill must now be reconciled with the House version of the bill, passed in December 2009, before being sent to the president for his signature. The House version also included a one-year extension of the natural gas fuel tax credit. It is not certain when the House and Senate will get together for reconciling the two bills. The Congress is expected to recess at the end of the month for the Easter break. NGVAmerica has repeatedly pressed for the need for the retroactive fuel tax credit extension, and is pleased with the Senate‚Äôs action this week. We are urging Congress to move quickly onto a conference to get this bill to the President's desk as soon as possible. With this issue just about out of the way, NGVAmerica can turn its full attention to enactment of the NAT GAS Act. For more information contact Paul Kerkhoven at 202.494.5887 or [email protected]

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    Re: Update on $.50 gge Fuel Tax Credit

    One thing is certain, public consumers will not see a tax credit retroactively applied to the fuel we have already purchased. So not only were prices increased to cover the expiration of the tax credit, now they get additional free money.

    I prefer for most of my money to stay in my pockets.
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      Re: Update on $.50 gge Fuel Tax Credit

      You might if you are self employed and utilize your home/office refueling device to refuel your work vehicle (aka: fleet of one). Fleets who provide their own fueling infrastructure qualify for the credit. At least that's how I understand how the credit can be utilized to help the little guy. Of course you'd need to be seperately metered for your VRA.