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Utah to regulate natural gas conversion kits for vehicles

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  • Utah to regulate natural gas conversion kits for vehicles

    A House committee approved a bill that will allow the state to regulate natural gas conversion kits for vehicles.
    HB70 would allow inspectors at the state level to inspect and certify vehicles retrofitted to run on compressed natural gas (CNG). Current inspections are regulated by the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
    The bill's sponsor, Rep. Jack Draxler, R-North Logan, said the proposal would reduce kit costs from about USD 14.000 to around USD 6.000. Because of the savings, Draxler said owners who retrofit their vehicles under the inspection system would not qualify for the state's fuel-efficient vehicle tax credit.
    Industry representatives lined up to support the bill, saying it would ensure safety as well as cleaner air. "This is a win-win situation," said Rob Mao, vice chairman of Certified CNG Automotive Technicians for Safety.
    The proposed system would be a natural fit for Utah because of the state's natural gas reserves, air quality concerns and an abundance of certified natural gas personnel, Draxler said. "We want emissions to be right and it to be safe and this bill will do that," he said.
    Draxler said EPA officials have expressed support for the idea of switching responsibility to the state.

    I hope we can all work as a team to make this a safe and cost saving move for the people.