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Texas Awards NGV Grants

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  • Texas Awards NGV Grants

    Texas Awards NGV Grants
    The Texas Railroad Commission proposes to reduce petroleum consumption,
    improve air quality, create jobs and generate increased public awareness of alternative
    fuel vehicles through a Texas Public Fleet Project. Among the awardees of the
    program, the Commission has allocated:
    • $2.5 million for North Central Texas council of governments to facilitate the
    implementation of new CNG and EV vehicle and infrastructure development.
    The funds will be used to purchase or convert dedicated NGVs, electric
    vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and/or hybrid-electric
    vehicles (HEVs), as well as to expand alternative fuel refueling stations to offer
    natural gas refueling or electrical recharging systems.
    • $1,810,388 for Mansfield ISD to purchase nine new school buses powered with
    an OEM provided CNG engine, to convert four gasoline powered school buses
    to CNG and to expand the existing CNG refueling station with seven more
    time-fill refueling structures. The additional stands will allow MISD to time-fill
    thirty full-sized buses at one time. By alternating days of access to the hose,
    MISD will effectively refuel up to sixty buses within their operational range.
    The addition of the refueling infrastructure will allow for more future purchases
    of CNG buses to be added to the exist
    • $924,000 for the City of Laredo to upgrade its existing CNG refueling station.
    The City is also purchasing a CNG refuse hauler, street sweeper and vacuum
    truck for the fleet.
    • $400,000 for the City of Corpus Christi to expand an existing CNG refueling
    station to accommodate the expanding fleet of CNG vehicles operated by the
    • $396,180 for the City of El Paso to upgrade the existing City vehicle depot by
    implementing newer and faster CNG and LNG dispensing equipment to supply
    public access fueling as well as expanded fueling to Sun Metro/City of El Paso
    and El Paso County vehicles as well as other designated federal regional/local
    fleets with natural gas fueling at a designated existing facility.
    • $107,800 for the City of Dumas to add CNG refueling infrastructure to its
    existing public works warehouse property station. The new infrastructure will
    be utilized to fuel six vehicles and equipment that have been retrofitted to
    operate on CNG.
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