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USAID to Fund Pakistan CNG Training

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  • USAID to Fund Pakistan CNG Training

    Although the USA lacks strong domestic CNG initiatives, our government is not afraid to fund such programs in other countries....

    United States Agency for International Development (USAID) signed an agreement with the All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA) under the USAID Pakistan Jobs Project in Islamabad on Thursday. The purpose of the agreement is to prepare trained workforce for CNG stations, which will improve employee incomes, safety of the CNG stations and customer service.

    On one level I know that this program provides the type of job development that reduces extremism. On another level I am disappointed we're not seeing that investment in the U.S..
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    Re: USAID to Fund Pakistan CNG Training

    Tax Counsel, its simply because our federal government has become an extension of the UN..

    In fact, today's administration is nothing, but a group of Internationalist more concern of world issues and events than that of their own country......

    All the money that has been thrown away on so called green energy projects
    could have been used to successfully fund a national CNG project, with great success...

    The money spent vs the energy equivalent on green power, will never be as good as CNG, IMHO...

    The industry itself, is much to blame for it lack of influence in WDC...The only real promoter of gas has been T Bone Pickens....

    With the new abundance of natural gas, not only in the USA, but likewise internationally, there is no reason whatsoever that NG does not become a national core energy policy, unless of course, America is run by complete idiots...