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Ed Huestis-Retiring from Vacaville-Will stay in Alt Fuels

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  • Ed Huestis-Retiring from Vacaville-Will stay in Alt Fuels

    Here's a letter I just received from Ed...

    I am sending this out at the last minute to my Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Incentive Program E-mail Distribution Lists and to my industry contacts.
    I, along with several other employees here with the City of Vacaville, were recently offered a Supplementary Retirement Plan in an effort to reduce staffing levels here at the City.
    I decided to take the offer to retire earlier than I had originally planned, and therefore today, December 31, 2009, I am officially retired from the City of Vacaville.
    I will be exploring opportunities to do some consulting in the Alternative Fuel Vehicle area where my passion lies.
    I can be reached on my business line at home at (707) 452-8636, or via e-mail at [email protected].
    A retirement party is in the planning stages. The date is likely to be Friday January 29, 2010, in the early evening hours.
    Have a Happy New Year!
    Ed Huestis
    City of Vacaville
    Transportation Systems Manager
    Enthusiastic RAV4 EV Owner &
    Honda Civic GX (CNG) Owner
    (707) 449-5424 (Voice)
    (707) 449-5346 (Fax)
    [email protected]