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Shortages ,Islamabad stations close 2 days per week

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  • Shortages ,Islamabad stations close 2 days per week

    In the middle east , rapid rise in cng use is causing real growing pains.

    Natural gas shortages are causing stations in Islamabad to cut service, Other stations have to curtail service when electric load shedding cause compressor shutdowns.

    And people complain about Questar and ONG . check the link below.
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    Re: Shortages ,Islamabad stations close 2 days per week

    Both Pakistan and Iran have significant CNG conversion efforts underway.

    Iran, although oil rich, has insufficient [original entry read "little or no"] domestic oil refining capacity. "In 2007, Iran consumed around 400,000 bbl/d of gasoline, roughly the same amount as 2006. Iran does not currently have sufficient refining capacity to meets its domestic gasoline and other light fuel needs. However, according to FACTS Global Energy, government targets for domestic gasoline refinery projects combined with the elimination of gasoline subsidies by the official goal of 2011 could make Iran a gasoline exporter by 2012. The International Energy Agency predicts 5.3 percent demand growth in 2009." See, US DOE EIA web site, at

    There's speculation that they [Iran] may be planning for an isolated/sanctioned future--one were access to refined products may be limited. They also have NG reserves which, once extracted, require only drying and compression before it becomes usuable as motor fuel.

    US has the refining capacity but "[A]bout 57% of the crude oil and petroleum products used in the United States in 2008 came from other countries." See,

    Looking back at the 1973 oil embargo--before many of today's decision makers were even born--makes me wonder what the future holds.
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