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Eaves Moves On; Coalition Seeks Head

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  • Eaves Moves On; Coalition Seeks Head

    Mike Eaves has been the head of the Natural Gas Coalition for the past 5 years and brought about many of the positive advancements that we have seen in both the legislature and in the perception that natural gas vehicles are the most immediate solution available to imported oil. It is unfortunate that he has left and even more unfortunate that he has joined Clean Energy. Perhaps we can find an advocate at CE in Mike Eaves. Curtis

    Eaves Moves On; Coalition Seeks Head
    Mike Eaves has left his position as president of the Coalition to pursue new opportunities as assistant vice president for technology advancement for Clean Energy.
    "The last five years in an advocacy role as head of the Coalition have been a great experience for me—and I think we were really able to raise awareness of natural gas vehicles as a viable option not only in terms of air quality, but also for the economic benefits," Eaves says. "As we move forward into the era of addressing greenhouse gases and petroleum dependence, we’re well positioned as an industry.
    "Now I’m going back to my technical roots, and trying to solve problems in the marketplace," he says. "A couple of my main responsibilities are to look at product technology and try to expand the offerings, and to look at developing renewable resources for natural gas. I’m excited because Clean Energy has a huge appetite for growth and really makes things happen."
    The Coalition wishes Eaves great success in these endeavors. The board is in the process of reviewing candidates to fill his position and build on the Coalition’s successes.