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Chesapeake CEO on CNG

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  • Chesapeake CEO on CNG

    The above is a Shreveport Times article about Chesapeake CNG promotion. It states that Aubrey drives a converted Chevy Tahoe. I wonder what range he has in his CNG SUV?
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    Re: Chesapeake CEO on CNG

    Originally posted by Aubrey McClendon
    .. When people find out that they can buy an American product that is cleaner and costs less than half the price of gasoline, they're going to go, 'Why haven't I been able to do this?'
    Correct, that is a typical reaction people have when learning about CNG.

    But when they find out how much it *really* costs to convert to CNG, they are going to say "shove it, who has that kind of money laying around?" Instead of monkeying around with photo ops and self serving look-at-how-genius-we-are, they (pols and industry) need to be attacking the 500# gorilla that is the current regulatory environment which prevents a working family from realistically converting to CNG.

    Tax credits are a shell game in some states that, if you get a W2, very few can take advantage of.
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      Mike Coppock for Tulsa World Nov 29 2017 -

      Michael Teague, Oklahoma s secretary of energy and environment, broke ground for a new CNG station this month. Oklahoma has the highest number of CNG stations per capita in the U.S. If the groundbreaking had taken place five years ago, it would have been a major media event. At that time, retailers such as Valero, OnCue, QuikTrip and Love s were getting on board to sell CNG to the public.

      Love s has 27 CNG stations primarily along Oklahoma s Interstate 40 corridor.

      OnCue has 18 CNG stations, all in Oklahoma. OnCue has no plans for any additional stations as we re-evaluate the market, said Scott Minton, the company s director of business management.

      A representative for Tulsa-based Quik-Trip says the convenience store chain no longer operates CNG stations.

      What happened?

      CEO Aubrey McClendon was forced out at Chesapeake Energy. In September 2013, Chesapeake s new management dismissed its seven-member CNG vehicle team while reorganizing.

      Sparq Natural Gas is focusing on vehicle fleet customers.

      Unlike EVs, automakers did not support the move to CNG:


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        Largest public CNG station in the United States had its opening this week in Tulsa OK. It is said to have a dozen forty-foot storage tubes. No publicity could be found other than a story about groundbreaking from last year:



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          Betsy Lillian for NGTNews May 24 2018 - Sparq Tulsa CNG station located off of I-44 and I-244 linking St. Louis and Dallas ribbon cutting was May 18 2018, but CNG has been available since Nov 2017.

          Open 24/7, the station features two 150-hp J-W PowerFill compressors; two high-flow, heavy-duty CNG nozzles; two light-duty CNG nozzles; 12 37-inch CP Industries three-pack CNG tubes; Oklahoma Natural Gas capital improvements to maximize faster gas pressure and flow; and access to Sparq’s proprietary Fuel Card Program:



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            Tom DiChristopher 13 July 2021 S&P Global - Chesapeake Utilities has big renewable gas plans

            Initially, Chesapeake Utilities was not pursuing RNG initiatives, according to Householder. The company was instead looking at opportunities to address chicken waste to help avoid methane pollution and mitigate the well-documented problem of runoff from poultry farms into the Chesapeake Bay. Around that time, Bioenergy DevCo and CleanBay Renewables LLC were seeking to deploy anaerobic digesters to process methane waste from chicken litter into biofuel.

            Chesapeake has since invested in two RNG facilities under development by the companies. It struck deals to transport the supplies through its Eastern Shore Natural Gas Co. transmission subsidiary and Marlin Gas Transport Inc. virtual pipeline business, which offers gas transport in tube trailers. Chesapeake sees potential to build out pipelines and stand up RNG-fired combined heat and power plants around RNG production facilities.

            Chesapeake is developing a large CNG station at a new vehicle fueling center near the Port of Savannah in Georgia. The company is looking into several projects that could direct RNG to the CNG station. Chesapeake is also working with the port and several truck fleets to convert their tractor cabs to CNG.