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To much NG?

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  • To much NG?

    Maybe we have too much gas to ignore.

    New data shows that the continental US has more than 1/3 more natural gas than originally estimated. Most of the new supply is coming from horizontal drilling in shale formations.

    Check out:

    Here's a quote on Pickens Plan's reaction to the new numbers.

    "Obviously, this underscores what Boone has spoken about for well over a year and gives further credibility to a key aspect of the Pickens plan, and that is using natural gas as a transportation fuel alternative to foreign oil, diesel and gasoline," said Jay Rosser, a spokesman for Pickens.

    Maybe the abundance of a clean, cheap, and domestic energy source will wake up policymakers.

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    Re: To much NG?

    Policymakers are bought and sold on a daily basis. The Ng industry has'nt showed up with truckloads of money to bribe, oops I mean lobby the policymakers. They follow the money trail and will not do the right thing just because it makes sense. Ng is right here in our own backyard, but is completely unavailable to 99.99% of the population.