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Phoenix PTD Awards 6 Million GGE Contract to CE

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  • Phoenix PTD Awards 6 Million GGE Contract to CE

    Phoenix PTD Awards Contract to Supply 6 Million GGE Annually for LNG Bus Fleet Source: NGV Global Thursday, 11 June 2009 16:07 USA, Phoenix AZ
    The City of Phoenix Public Transit Department, AZ has awarded Clean Energy a new three-year contract to supply the City's Valley Metro Transit Fleet with liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel to power its fleet of 400-plus LNG buses. From July 1, 2009, Clean Energy will begin delivering approximately 6 million gasoline gallon equivalents of fuel annually to three fueling sites. Phoenix deploys the largest fleet of clean-burning LNG transit buses in the U.S. to cover its 517 square miles of area plus neighboring cities. James Harger, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Clean Energy, said, "With this new contract, the City of Phoenix Valley Metro Fleet now ranks as our largest LNG customer. Overall at transit agencies across the nation, Clean Energy supplies natural gas fuel for 4,000 buses daily." (Press Release)

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    Re: Phoenix PTD Awards 6 Million GGE Contract to CE

    Now they can pay for that LNG plant in Boron and stop shipping from Willis, TX.
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      Phoenix to Buy 120 CNG New Flyers by Rich Piellisch Feb 11, 2013

      “Compressed natural gas has become the public transit industry’s standard for natural gas powered vehicles,” department director Neal Young says in a release.

      Arizona’s Phoenix Public Transit Department, which operates the nation’s largest fleet of liquefied natural gas buses with 305 units in service under the Valley Metro badge, is shifting over to compressed natural gas, with deliveries of 120 replacement buses from New Flyer Industries expected to begin in November.

      Also by November, the first of three existing LNG fueling sites will be modified with LCNG equipment to accommodate the CNG vehicles. Fuel will continued to be supplied as LNG via tanker truck, says transit service operations Jesus Sapien.

      ...bus deliveries are to be complete by spring 2014. Phoenix notes that its initial investment in LNG buses and fueling equipment came in the 1990s...Phoenix has 465 Valley Metro buses. Most are natural gas-fueled with about a third running on ultra-low sulfur diesel.


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        CNG New Flyers for Sun Metro April 9, 2013 by Rich Piellisch

        Sun Metro, El Paso, TX 5-Year Pact Calls for Both 60- and 40-Foot CNG-fueled Xcelsior heavy-duty buses.

        The contract includes a firm order for 13 CNG-fueled 60-foot buses, and nine CNG 40-foot buses. Production is to commence in the third quarter with delivery expected in the first quarter of 2014. The contract includes four one-year options for as many as 108 sixty- and 72 forty-foot CNG buses.

        “Sun Metro’s commitment to the environment is evident as this order will increase the number of CNG buses in their fleet of 232 transit buses that are nearly all CNG technology,” New Flyer said.

        The manufacturer previously built and delivered 60 buses for El Paso’s fleet, with both LNG and CNG fuel systems.

        “With nearly 20 years of experience developing CNG systems and delivering well over 4,700 CNG buses, New Flyer has gained invaluable experience that benefits our customers with the most advanced CNG bus in the industry.”