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CE Agrees to Acquire Exterran

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  • tomdotstar
    Re: CE Agrees to Acquire Exterran

    There is a brief conference call available on the CE website.

    It looks like this is a deal that pays CE a fee for providing fueling and repair services. They get a per gallon flat fee, so the cost of CNG is not in the deal, and they will not make or lose money on the actual sale of CNG.

    It does look like the deal will be profitable from day one. But the amount of margin in the deal was described as "skinny".

    To be honest, I am scratching my head about why the market is reacting to this as such a great deal. CE was up 12% today.

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  • Tax Counsel
    started a topic CE Agrees to Acquire Exterran

    CE Agrees to Acquire Exterran

    Big acquisition.