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Birmingham, Alabama Announces CNG Garbage Trucks

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  • Birmingham, Alabama Announces CNG Garbage Trucks

    The city of Birmingham announced it will lease 70 cng garbage trucks in 2009, and is applying for a grant to build a new cng station. The city mayor also promoted his new CNG Civic.

    Hopefully there will be more cng vehicles coming to Birmingham as the public is informed of the reliability and abundance of natural gas.

    09 Honda Civic

    The new trucks will make up the largest fleet of natural gas-fueled refuse and brush trucks in the Southeast, Mayor Larry Langford said Monday.

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    Re: Birmingham, Alabama Announces CNG Garbage Trucks

    Hello Chris Sullivan in Alabama,

    Well first and foremost . . . CONGRATULATIONS for the City of Birmingham on their efforts to use CNG for the transit authority/trash trucks.

    Wow, and public price is affordable $1.37/gge according to - - - even though the Transit Authority cng site in Birmingham is only the 2nd public cng pump in Alabama (per the afdc website, there is public cng pump at Chevron in Evergreen, AL).

    With a 2000 census of only 248,000 population in Birmingham, that is quite an accomplishment of having a public cng pump, AND having the city take an active role in promoting cng. PLEASE do all you can to spread the word to other cities nationwide around that size and larger, that if Birmingham can do it, surely other cities all across the USA can do it as well. Recognition like "Top 100 American Cities" etc. that Mayors and City Councils love to get, ought to have special consideration during judging for CLEAN ALTERNATIVE FUEL implementation such as what Birmingham has done.

    Again . . . kudos to Birmingham, AL . . . . . . go CNG . . . all across the USA!


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      Re: Birmingham, Alabama Announces CNG Garbage Trucks

      MORE News from ALABAMA
      The GATEWAY CITY of Trussville Al. has started their own CNG/NGV program.
      The Trussville Utility department has purchased 3 new 2009 Honda Civic's and the Trussville Police Department will covert 4 Chevy Impala's to operate on CNG. Phoenix Energy Has been selected to design and install a private CNG station for this Great City that promotes The Gateway to Happy Living and now can promote The Gateway for happy and Healthy living. Trussville plans to work with Phoenix Energy to build a Public Station near I-59 and 459 in the next few months. Alabama needs more LEADERSHIP like Trussville to move the US as a Whole out of this massive black hole in our economy. If the United States can put Men on the Moon by using a few great States to pull together and build some thing that can take us beyond the confounds of our planet. WE the people can become independant and produce our OWN fuel.
      GO CNG GO


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        Re: Birmingham, Alabama Announces CNG Garbage Trucks

        From what I hear Lawson State Community College in Bessemer is getting set up to provide training on CNG vehicle service, conversion, and Cylinder Inspection.

        Good luck to CNG in Alabama. I hear they have alot of it in ground, why not use it??

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