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  • I-5 Green Freeway

    Hi to All,
    I wanted to share this featured story from the Seattle Times front page Sunday paper.

    09 GX

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    Re: I-5 Green Freeway

    Interesting article. It would be nice to have some CNG along major interstates. The depressing thing is to read the comments from readers about the article . With cheap gasoline and a lousy economy, the public has no interest in alternative fuels--or anything else that may or may not affect their pocketbooks. The oil companies and their lobby in government will continue to hold us hostage to gasoline--until the end of oil .


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      Re: I-5 Green Freeway

      This is at least a start - talking about it.
      For the typical NGV (without extra tank capacity) such as the Honda Civic GX, to make it from Vancouver B.C. area to about Sacramento or Davis California, I figure it would require two more CNG fueling stations:
      at about Eugene Oregon, and another in Redding or Red Bluff California. [There are existing stations in Seattle, Hillsboro-Portland, and Medford Oregon]. Heading from Sacramento to Southern California there is CNG along the way but not directly along I-5.
      Maybe a temporary arrangement could be made with State of Oregon and California for use of state owned facilities until the blank spots are filled in.
      Maybe paying ca$h only for the state - no credit card hassles!
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        Re: I-5 Green Freeway

        Maybe there is still hope for the state Washington. Western Washington University at Bellingham is working on a Bio-mentane project with cow poop from Lynden -- who knows

        Larrycng (Birch Bay -- part-time)


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          Re: I-5 Green Freeway

          funny how no one wants to mandate 500 mile range for afv's I have no problem travleing as I can go 900 miles before changeing to gasoline I went to the west coast last year and never burned gasoline the whole trip and ran over 7000 miles before I got home so quit pissing and bitching and drive a real afv demand 500 mile range it is doable now why would any one build one with 8 or 10 gge other than to drive sales down try30 or 50 gge than you have a car that is useable Oh I forgot we have to keep big oil going


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            Re: I-5 Green Freeway

            Hey Cowboy, I agree with the 500 mile range comment, but most petrol cars have around a 400 mile range.

            My F-250 will do about 450 on 35gal of petrol and an additional 275 mi on 30 gal of Lp not bad for a 460 running solo