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Baker Equipment Introduces CNG-Powered Arial Work Truck

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  • Baker Equipment Introduces CNG-Powered Arial Work Truck

    Baker partners with Van Ladder to produce CNG-powered aerial work truck.
    Baker’s four installation and service locations will upfit the SULEV rated van-mounted truck.

    RICHMOND, Virginia – February 27, 2009 – Baker Equipment announces its partnership with Van Ladder (Brink’s Manufacturing), to produce the first SULEV rated, CNG-powered, van-mounted, aerial work truck. Baker integrates BAF Technologies' CalComp engine system to achieve a SULEV, CARB engine emissions rating. Three, truck frame-mounted Faber CNG Type 1 DOT-rated tanks provide 20 gasoline gallons equivalence, with optional 29.5 GGE available. The van is a Ford E-350 extended wheel base, 5.4L V-8 engine, with 9,400 GVWR.

    Often, linemen will work in the same elevated position for hours, running the truck engine at its most inefficient idling RPM. This innovative aerial lift is all electric and can be operated without the vehicle running. This means that no fuel is burned at the jobsite. A 24-volt battery bank, powered by two 12-volt Interstate Group 31 deep cycle lead acid batteries, is installed in the vehicle, which fully powers the aerial lift. Charging components then replenish the battery bank when the vehicle is running on CNG. Typically this is accomplished during the course of a normal work day while driving between jobsites. In the event that vehicle drive time is not sufficient to fully recharge the battery bank, an integrated overnight charger plugs into the electrical grid for off-peak charging. The combination of SULEV and emissions free tower operation yields quiet, clean, and efficient use of this TELCO or CATV city work truck. Additionally, the aerial tower petroleum-based hydraulic oil has been replaced with the bio-degradable vegetable oil, BioFlo LT-32.

    Baker Equipment offers AFV solutions for a broad range of light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles. Baker has partnered with major AFV engine system suppliers, including BAF Technologies (Ford engines), ESI (International DT466 engine), Baytech (GMC/Chev engines), Blossman Gas (propane powered engines), and ECT (CAT C15 engine) and is ready to serve as a preferred AFV deployment partner, helping match willing fleet owners with proven, available, and certified AFV technology.

    Skip Baker
    Baker Equipment
    (804) 864-6800
    [email protected]