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Utah Resolution Calls on EPA to Streamline Certification for NGVs

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  • Utah Resolution Calls on EPA to Streamline Certification for NGVs

    March 1, 2009
    From NGV America:

    On Tuesday, Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr. signed into law HCR 1, a resolution adopted by the state’s legislature. The measure calls on the U.S. EPA to take steps to increase the availability of certified NGVs. In particular, the measure calls on EPA to streamline existing certification procedures, permit greater flexibility in the way vehicles and engines are grouped together for certification purposes, and urges EPA to undertake research and development and provide grant funding for NGVs. Utah has seen a tremendous interest in the use of NGVs since Utah has some of the lowest natural gas prices in the country and the state has been proactive in supporting NGV initiatives. NGVAmerica has been working with members of Congress to enact legislation that would grant the EPA clear authority to adopt measures that would do many of things called for in the Utah legislation -- including streamlining certification requirements. EPA thus far has been reluctant to make major changes to its requirement for aftermarket conversion systems, arguing that it needs additional authority to make many of the changes that w we have sought. We are pleased that the Utah legislature and governor have come out in support of these efforts and recognize the need for regulatory changes at the federal level.

    Forum staff note:
    The text of the resolution is here:

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    Re: Utah Resolution Calls on EPA to Streamline Certification for NGVs

    Last Tuesday I along with others from my CCATS (Certified CNG Automotive Technicians for Safety) group met with Jack Draxler the sponsor of this Resolution to give him more information about the bottleneck of CNG certification in Utah and Nationwide. This is a resolution and is really a suggestion and not a Bill. There are others working on other Legislation to let the state certify a CNG conversion. Jack Draxler was very interested to hear our side and was going to take our concerns to the Governor. We also had a CCATS CNG Safety Seminar at SLCC on Saturday. We had about 70 people there, about 20 CNG Vehicles and a panel discussion with the UHP and Jack McIntire, about the new CNG Safety inspection, it was very informative. Jim
    Jim Younkin