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UPS adds 300 CNG trucks to its fleet

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  • UPS adds 300 CNG trucks to its fleet

    UPS adds CNG trucks to fleet

    Business First of Louisville

    Over the past month, United Parcel Service Inc. has put into service 300 delivery trucks powered by compressed natural gas (CNG).

    The CNG-powered trucks are being used in seven cities in Colorado, Georgia, Oklahoma and California, UPS said in a news release.

    The CNG trucks look just like the signature-brown UPS trucks, but they are expected to cut emissions by 20 percent over the cleanest diesel engines available in the market today, UPS said in the release.

    UPS has begun using 43 CNG trucks in Denver; 46 in Atlanta and 100 in Oklahoma City. The remaining trucks are being used in California. Twenty-one CNG trucks were deployed to Sacramento; 63 in San Ramon; nine in Los Angeles and 18 in Ontario.

    Atlanta-based UPS (NYSE: UPS) already operates the largest private fleet of alternative fuel vehicles in its industry at 1,819. UPS uses 800 CNG vehicles around the world.

    The CNG trucks look just like the signature-brown UPS trucks, but they are expected to cut emissions by 20 percent over the cleanest diesel engines available in the market today.

    It is good to see companies like UPS, that do a lot of driving, adapting to clean energy. Maybe someday soon it will be practical for even long range truckers to convert to CNG or hydrogen.

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    Re: UPS adds 300 CNG trucks to its fleet

    More importantly for us, the San Ramon UPS facility has a public dispenser.
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      Re: UPS adds 300 CNG trucks to its fleet

      Is or Will the UPS refueling pump in Atlanta, GA be accessible for the public?

      Chris in B'ham.
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        Re: UPS adds 300 CNG trucks to its fleet

        Here's an article about CNG UPS trucks in OK:


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          Re: UPS adds 300 CNG trucks to its fleet

          Originally posted by freedml View Post
          More importantly for us, the San Ramon UPS facility has a public dispenser.
          THAT is a great thing, you are lucky. What's the price?


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            135 CNG vehicles operating from West Sacramento UPS base.

            United Parcel Service bobtail CNG trucks have been deployed on Interstate 5. With a 500 mile range, they fill at the company’s West Sacramento cargo facility and at RVTD in Medford, Oregon. The semi-trucks run a route north through California before crossing Siskiyou Summit into Oregon. They skip Medford going north to Roseburg, and then stop in Medford to fuel on their way back to Sacramento. A bobtail seen in West Sac had a tower of horizontal tanks behind the cab and saddle tank on the right hand side in the configuration made by AGILITY. Another CNG tow tractor was moving trailers in the Sac yard.


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              Re: 135 CNG vehicles operating from West Sacramento UPS base.

              More UPS CNG trucks with single and double trailers seen on I-5 from Sacramento to L.A. Even though most United Parcel trucks along this route (say, a dozen in one morning) were fueled with diesel, the CNG fueled trucks were common enough that I had to be ready with the camera.

              The box behind the cab has three tanks mounted horizontally. A fourth tank is mounted to the side rail on the right side. When passing on the road, the CNG trucks may be spotted because of the tank box inside the faring behind the cab; no cab rear window; the very long tank on the right side below the rail; or the triangle access opening having the fill receptacle and gage. They are easy to miss, otherwise, given highway speeds and the height of the center divide.

              UPS is not sending CNG trucks to Roseburg Oregon yet, as mentioned in the prior post, except for a stray CNG truck that was sent in error according to a CNG fuel attendant at RVTD in Medford. Roseburg hub has 30 big rig trucks parked there on any weekend.
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                Re: 135 CNG vehicles operating from West Sacramento UPS base.

                The ANGH LNG station at 4305 W Capitol Ave, West Sacramento CA is less than 2 miles from UPS at 1380 Shore St. With 130 CNG trucks which range as far north as Yreka and south beyond Bakersfield, United Parcel had once remarked that a backup station would be valuable to their operation. As the photos show, the pads are in place for the CNG apparatus to be added to make this Clean Energy station a LCNG station. And this can eventually provide another public CNG fueling source as well.
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                  1,400 CNG Trucks for UPS, 15 CNG Stations

                  1 April 2015 by Rich Piellisch | UPS said it plans to deploy new CNG vehicles in 15 cities: Atlanta, Charleston, Dallas, Denver, New Orleans, and Oklahoma City, and in Doraville, Ga.; Lenexa, Kans.; Lexington, Ky.; Montgomery, Ala.; New Stanton, Pa.; Port Allen, La.; Shreveport, La.; and Richmond and Roanoke, Va. TruStar Energy will build the 12 new stations in addition to replacing the existing stations in Atlanta, Denver and Oklahoma City.

                  UPS has announced plans to add some 800 mostly Kenworth tractors and 600 Freightliner Custom Chassis-Morgan Olson package cars, all fueled by CNG over the next year.

                  The package cars will be built by Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp with Morgan Olson bodies. The FCCC vehicles will be in two sizes, Class 5 and Class 6, using the company’s MT-45 and MT-55 chassis, Casteel says. They’ll have 6.0-liter GM engines with fuel systems from Landi Renzo USA, installed by Green Alternative Systems in Indiana. They’ll have lightweight Type IV CNG tanks.

                  Agility Fuel Systems said in its own announcement on Wednesday that UPS has ordered 445 of its new 160-diesel-gallon-equivalent behind-the-cab CNG fuel systems for delivery in 2015. Agility will use new 27-by-80-inch Type IV CNG cylinders from the new joint venture with Hexagon Lincoln.

                  Quantum said on Thursday that it has an order for 319 fuel system for heavy duty trucks, with deliveries of both Q-RailLite and Q-CabLite rail-mounted and back-of-cab assemblies to commence in mid-year, Quantum also promised a “next-generation” BoC unit, around September, “providing the highest storage capacity of any back-of-cab CNG system currently available in the industry.”




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                    Joseph Green for LNG INDUSTRY, 21 November 2017 - UPS has announced an agreement with Big Ox Energy to purchase 10 million gallon equivalents of RNG per year. This is the largest investment in RNG to date for the company, and the agreement runs through 2024. RNG will be delivered to the following (private) CNG stations (number of compressors shown in quotes):

                    1800 Mercer Rd Lexington, Ky (4)
                    8100 Air Commerce Dr Louisville, Ky (-)
                    521 N Center Ave New Stanton, Pa (6)
                    9601 Coach Rd Richmond, Va (5)
                    3941 Thirlane Rd NW Roanoke, Va (5)
                    124 Creekside Rd West Columbia, SC (3)
                    700 Blair Mill Rd Horsham, Pa (-)
                    3930 Pleasantdale Rd Doraville, Ga (6)

                    UPS also signed a five-year agreement earlier this year with AMP energy for 1.5 million gallon equivalents of RNG per year from the Fair Oaks dairy farm in Indiana.

                    Natural gas is a proven alternative fuel to gasoline and diesel and is a key building block for our goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our ground fleet, said Mike Casteel, UPS director of fleet procurement.

                    UPS used 61 million gallons of natural gas in its ground fleet in 2016, which included 4.6 million gallons of RNG and is on track to use 14 million gallons of RNG in 2017. UPS drives more than 5200 CNG and LNG vehicles in its fleet of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles. Earlier this year, UPS announced a more than US$90 million investment in natural gas vehicles and infrastructure. This investment included an additional six CNG fuelling stations, 390 new CNG tractors and terminal trucks, and 250 LNG vehicles.

                    Since 2009, UPS has invested more than US$750 million in alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles and fuelling stations globally.



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                      UPS Pressroom June 21 2018 Mississauga, Ontario Canada - In a move bringing the company closer toward plans to have 50 per cent of its Canadian fleet running on alternative fuels by the end of 2018, new compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles joined UPS® Canada s growing alternative energy fleet. Seven CNG highway tractors and 40 delivery trucks were added to the current Canadian fleet of over 2,900 package cars, tractors and shifters. Presently, more than 40 per cent of the fleet in Canada runs on alternative fuels.

                      As part of the previously announced $500 million investment in UPS Canada, the CNG fueling station has been built in Vancouver, B.C. in collaboration with FortisBC. The Vancouver station will join more than 50 other natural gas operating stations strategically located across the U.S. and one outside the U.S. in Tamworth, United Kingdom.

                      This is the first Canadian province that UPS Canada chose to enter with natural gas vehicles because of the incentive funding provided by FortisBC which assists with the purchase of new CNG vehicles as well as support in building and operating a fuelling station.

                      In Argentina, France, Germany, Netherlands, Thailand, U.K., and, the U.S., UPS operates more than 3,800 CNG-fueled tractors and package cars. On June 19, the company announced a $130 million investment to build an additional five CNG fueling stations and add more than 700 new CNG vehicles throughout the U.S. Globally, UPS will have invested more than $1 billion in alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles and fueling stations from 2008 through 2018


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                        Link for prior post:



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                          Roger Gilroy for Transport Topics Oct 9, 2019 - UPS Invests $450 Million in CNG Trucks, Stations

                          UPS Inc. announced it will spend $450 million to add 6,000 vehicles powered by CNG as well as supporting infrastructure beginning next year. It is the largest multiyear commitment UPS has made to date for alternative fuel vehicles. The additions include heavy-duty trucks, medium-duty package vans, and terminal tractors. UPS expects to have finished adding the equipment by 2022.

                          “We have been deploying natural gas vehicles for many years. We greatly accelerated our deployment of natural gas stations and vehicles starting in 2013. We no longer consider our natural gas fleet to be in a test or experimental phase, but rather it is mainstream for UPS now,” a UPS spokesperson told Transport Topics.

                          Agility Fuel Solutions, a business of Hexagon Composites, will supply the fuel systems. Since 2016, Agility has provided natural gas fuel storage and delivery systems to more than 1,700 UPS trucks.

                          Additionally, TruStar Energy will design, manufacture and install five CNG fueling stations in Lathrop, Visalia and Moreno Valley, CA, Houston and Cleveland.

                          As of this month, UPS has agreed to purchase 230 million gallon-equivalents of RNG over the next seven years, making UPS the largest consumer of RNG in the transportation industry.

                          By the end of 2019, UPS reported it will be operating 61 natural gas fueling stations strategically located across the United States and abroad in Vancouver, Canada, and Tamworth, United Kingdom.



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                            Laura Sanicola for Reuters 5 Feb 2021 - Amazon orders hundreds of CNG trucks

                            Amazon has ordered more than 700 CNG-fueled class 6 and class 8 trucks so far, according to the company. The online retailer’s sales rose 38% in 2020; it plans to run a carbon neutral business by 2040.

                            More than 1,000 engines are being supplied by a joint venture between Cummins Inc and Vancouver-based Westport Fuel Systems Inc, are to be used for Amazon’s heavy duty trucks that run from warehouses to distribution centers. The ISX12 G is designed for regional haul truck / tractor applications. U.S.-listed shares of Canada-based Westport gained 47% after the announcement on Friday.

                            In 2019, United Parcel Service Inc announced plans to buy more than 6,000 natural gas-powered trucks over three years and step up purchases of renewable natural gas (RNG) as part of a $450 million investment to reduce the environmental impact of its 123,000-vehicle fleet.