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CNG Camry Debuts Prior to Auto Show

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    Re: CNG Camry Debuts Prior to Auto Show

    I went today and shoved my camera up and around that car in as many places as possible. Needless to say I was being interviewed by Toyota before I got a chance to interview them.

    All in all they were very nice after I told them who I was as if my CNG T-shirt was not enough of a signal. I also told them the only thing they were missing was a the CNG decal on the rear bumper. They replied NO! we are also missing the carpool decals

    I can confirm they used the signal hill CE station for the photo shoot because of less traffic and the nice backround. Toyota rep also stated the blue 3000 psi handle was used only because they pulled in on that side of the pump for the photo shoot.

    They also confirm the front end will be redone before being put into production if and when that happens.

    You can visit my website link below to see all the pictures I took and press release photos along with technical info on the car.
    CSA Certified CNG Cylinder & Fuel System Inspector