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NGV Global 11/2207: Cylinder life extended to 25 years

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  • NGV Global 11/2207: Cylinder life extended to 25 years

    Revision of NGV 2 Standards Published Source - NGVAmerica Monday, 19 November 2007 The 2007 version of NGV 2, American National Standard for Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) Fuel Containers, was published recently by CSA America. Major changes since the 2000 edition include:
    - a new definition of “service pressure”
    - allowance for maximum container service life up to 25 years
    - specifying that containers should tolerate up to 2.0% hydrogen in natural gas
    - changing the Ambient Cycling test minimum failure requirement to 750 times the container service life in years rather than 750 times the design life with a minimum of 11,250 cycles for all containers
    - requiring that the container fail by leakage in the Leak-Before-Break pressure cycling test or exceed 2250 times the design life in cycles rather than 45,000 cycles
    The NGV 2 Technical Advisory Group did not learn of the publication of the standard until a number of months after publication. At that time, they discovered that it had been published with the wrong title and other errors. CSA will republish it with “Reprinted in (Month) 2007 to correct editorial errors” on the cover page. At that time, they will send new copies of the standard to customers who have purchased the edition with errors.
    If you would like to purchase a copy at this time, go to , click on “Buy Standards” and when you get to the appropriate “Shop CSA” page, type in “NGV 2” in the “Products” window. Free copies are available to all CSA Participation Program members (Login at the “Participant Private Area” at , and click on “Standards publications” to download standards). CVEF will have a limited number of NGV 2-2007 hard copies available to NGVAmerica and CVEF Technology Committee members at no cost once it has been republished with the corrections.