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NGV Globa:$100 Per Barrel Oil ‘Optional’ – Cheaper Cleaner Gas More Widely Available

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  • NGV Globa:$100 Per Barrel Oil ‘Optional’ – Cheaper Cleaner Gas More Widely Available

    $100 Per Barrel Oil ‘Optional’ – Cheaper Cleaner Gas More Widely Available Source - NGV Global Thursday, 22 November 2007 Most alternative fuel programs just ‘diversions’ from real solutions
    Middle East better prepared for end of oil age than oil importers
    100% greenhouse gas reductions available at lower price

    With crude oil almost reaching the $US100 per barrel mark, it’s time for Governments around the world to stop paying lip service and get serious about alternative fuel programs. That was the message today from John Lyon, President of the International Association for Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs), speaking from Toronto, Canada. “We’ve seen lots of small scale programs and billions of dollars being invested in fuels that ‘hold promise’ but we can’t wait any longer,” said Lyon. “With natural gas more widely available than oil, lower in cost and now easily available as a renewable fuel, I challenge Governments to explain why they aren’t adopting programs to increase the uptake of natural gas vehicles now.”
    Lyon said it was ironic that Middle Eastern and oil rich nations are likely to be better prepared for the end of the oil age than countries that rely on crude oil imports. “Countries like Iran, Venezuela and Egypt are undergoing massive conversion programs, converting hundreds of thousands of vehicles to natural gas to reduce their dependence on refined oils and monetize their crude oil reserves. Meanwhile governments bury their heads, spending billions of dollars pretending to look for ‘solutions’ to keep their citizens at bay.”
    Lyon said that past excuses that it was too expensive to establish refueling infrastructure for natural gas were no longer relevant, pointing out that the world leaders in NGV use, Argentina, Pakistan and Brazil, collectively have more than 4.5 million natural gas vehicles on their roads. “If these countries can afford to set up infrastructure for natural gas, what excuse do the rest of us have?”
    Cleaner and Greener
    Natural gas vehicle use is increasing at more than 30% per annum worldwide, with Asia experiencing increases of an average of 50% for the past five years. As well as being widely available, cheap and now renewable, natural gas is also the cleanest fuel available for production vehicles today.
    Heavy duty natural gas engines are already reaching US EPA 2010 emissions standards, while many diesel engine manufacturers struggled to meet 2007 standards which came into effect this year.
    Natural gas engines can also provide immediate greenhouse gas emission benefits – as much as 30% with fossil natural gas and an effective 100% with ‘biomethane’ derived from organic and waste sources.
    Modest support needed
    Lyon said it was time for Governments to take a more balanced view of their alternative fuel programs. “By all means invest in future technology but it shouldn’t be done at the expense of solutions that are available here and now. Small shifts in policy can go a long way and help to set up a viable marketplace where growth can happen ‘organically’ without having to battle status quo liquid fuels.”
    Lyon is speaking in Thailand next week at the ANGVA 2007 Conference and Exhibition in Bangkok (Nov 27-29).

    About Natural Gas Vehicles
    • There are currently more than 7 million natural gas vehicles on the road around the world
    • Estimates based on growth in the past ten years will put this figure at more than 60 million by 2020. Based on growth in the past five years this figure would rise sharply.
    • Natural gas can be used in all classes of vehicles from motorcycles all the way up to road trains and rail locomotives.
    • Natural gas is one of the safest fuels available in the world today
    • Natural gas can be used on its own or in combination with diesel, gasoline, hydrogen and even alcohol based fuels.
    • Natural gas vehicles can even be refueled at home