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MSN Article Omits CNG as an Alternative

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  • MSN Article Omits CNG as an Alternative

    MSN's top 8 technologies likely to take over from gas (gasoline) doesn't mention NGVs at all. The list includes the usual hybrids, electrics and even cars that run on salad oil, but no mention of natural gas. The writer is a contributor to He either intentionally left NGVs off the list or is an idiot.

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    Re: MSN Article Omits CNG as an Alternative

    No, he made a reference to CNG:

    "Coming: A second report on dead ends and unpromising technology."

    Can't wait for that one
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      Re: MSN Article Omits CNG as an Alternative

      My vote is that he's just an idiot.


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        Re: MSN Article Omits CNG as an Alternative

        CNG has NO future in the US unless:
        1. more new, affordable bifuel offerings enter the market. The restricted-availablity,dedicated cng Honda (GX) is nowhere near enough to support an industry, or
        2. EPA gets religion and opens up universal conversion kits to a wider range of vehicles. Increased demand will drop costs and increase needed infrastructure support.

        The infrastructure needs volume to succeed; the current vehicular gas volume will eventually start its declining act as cars and replacement parts disappear (I think it has already started).
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          Re: MSN Article Omits CNG as an Alternative

          MORON. His own title is " Top 8 Clean Car Technologies Most Likely to Take Over for Gas" and he talks about small cars (still burning gasoline) Hybrids(still burning gasoline) and E85, are you kidding me E85. The E85 joke is so old we all stopped laughing 5 years ago.

          He should retake journalism 101 and pay special attention to how to research section.

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