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  • AOL/CNN Article

    Regular readers of AOL Autos know that we have done a series of stories on the development and increasing popularity of cars that run -- or will eventually run -- on alternative fuels.

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    Re: AOL/CNN Article

    I don't know why auto writers are always hung-up on the fact that "only one" factory CNG auto model is being sold to the public. That's ONE MORE model being sold to the public than any other alternative fuel!!!

    And, how many fueling stations do you need? One at home and a few wherever you go that's far from home are plenty. Especially with a bi-fuel.
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      Re: AOL/CNN Article

      Yeah when I tell people about my car they make a big deal about fueling stations. If its on your commute to work, what's the problem? People see these as a everyday car, but there really commuters. Unless your in so cal, UT, or OK, where stations are not a problem.