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Awsomw news from Vaccaville, Ca-The CNG capital of Ca.

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  • Awsomw news from Vaccaville, Ca-The CNG capital of Ca.

    Keep up the great work, Ed.

    Once again, we have received quite a bit of favorable press coverage of late with our unique and innovative Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Incentive Program during this very busy time with the high gasoline prices, and this next one appeared in the June 6, 2008 Issue of Priority Focus, a weekly e-mail alert that is sent out by the League of California Cities with an emphasis on "Analysis, Commentary and Updates on Legislative and Policy Issues that Affect California Cities."
    As the result of an article in the local Davis community newspaper, The Flatlander, in April, on the City of Vacaville's AFV Incentive Program, Eva Spiegel, Communications Director for the League of California Cities and a resident of Davis, interviewed the Transportation Systems Manager concerning the City's AFV Incentive Program for the League's weekly newsletter Priority Focus. A copy of the Priority Focus article can be seen at the following link:,b98q8586
    To date, we have now provided 115 purchase buy down incentives on new dedicated compressed natural gas vehicles. All the incentives, except for one, have been for the Honda Civic GX. Several more residents are on a lengthy waiting list looking forward to the arrival at the dealership of the 2009 model year Civic GX.
    I am sending this out to our electric vehicle owners and compressed natural gas vehicle owners through our AFV Incentive Program, and those who have expressed interest in our incentive program, along with an updated industry contact list. Sorry in advance for any duplicate receipts.
    Have a great weekend!
    Ed Huestis
    City of Vacaville
    Transportation Systems Manager
    Enthusiastic RAV4 EV Owner &
    Honda Civic GX (CNG) Owner
    (707) 449-5424 (Voice)
    (707) 449-5346 (Fax)
    [email protected]