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Natural Gas Cars Reselling Well (Popular Sci)

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  • Natural Gas Cars Reselling Well (Popular Sci)

    We reported last week on how feebly powered, fuel-sipping 1990s-vintage hatchbacks have been lighting up the used car market recently due to skyrocketing gas prices. In an interesting twist to this phenomenon, I actually benefited myself somewhat from this hysteria when I had to sell my beloved natural-gas-powered 2006 Honda Civic GX last week on eBay, turning it into one of the smarter investments I made all year.

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    Re: Natural Gas Cars Reselling Well (Popular Sci)

    Originally posted by Pop Sci
    When I listed the car on eBay, it sold three days later to someone in Oklahoma for $18,600, about $4,000 more than what I paid for the car when I purchased it from Honda less than a year before, and $2,000 above its Kelley Blue Book value.
    And Okie bought it?!


    Yet another example of how hyper-inflated the market is ...

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      Re: Natural Gas Cars Reselling Well (Popular Sci)

      18,000? probably 28,000, That must have been a typo, because if you look at the original article, he bought the car for 24k. Selling for 18k is a loss.
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