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Clean Energy invests in cng car co.

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  • Clean Energy invests in cng car co.

    Well , for those old enough to remember ,the Checker Marathon wasn't so cute. Have a look. I'm sure Curtis and John are worried about loosing market share .
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    Re: Clean Energy invests in cng car co.

    That thing makes a Checker look like a Caddy. Checker quit production in 1982, BTW


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      Re: Clean Energy invests in cng car co.

      This is old news! This is Pickens company and he is just funnelling more money to it and grabbing some free press and brownie points for Pickens Plan, CE and Standard Taxi (if this is the new "standard", we truely are "Ugly Americans!").

      You can put a dress and makeup on a pig and take it to the prom, but when the lights come up at the end of the party, "It's still a Pig".
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        Re: Clean Energy invests in cng car co.

        Nope, I wouldn't call the Checker Marathon cute. But I wouldn't be worried about taking a hit in a Checker Marathon either. As for that piece of tinfoil....

        Maybe it's cuz the father of one of my friends owned an old airport limo (retired military, master mechanic, 8 kids) when I was growing up, but for me the Checker Marathon is kind of a like a spinster aunt who has always been a low-friction alternative to the parents--not someone with whom one falls in love but someone you love because you have not known life without them, and whose very familiarity has become a thing of beauty. If the PowerBall lands on my numbers, a Checker Marathon is definitely on the list. Not orange, though. I'm thinking desert camo with black accents to replace the chrome or perhaps some happy hippy shade of fuchsia, but with the chrome intact...