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Clean Energy secures $3.6 million from SCAQMD

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  • Clean Energy secures $3.6 million from SCAQMD .
    I'm sure cngacrossusa will have something to say about this.

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    Re: Clean Energy secures $3.6 million from SCAQMD

    This turkey has made sure CNG prices in Denver aren't under 2.49/gallon. How frustrating is that? I am in the middle of converting over and am ecstatic that I will now be lucky to recover my costs by the time my vehicle is worth precisely nothing. Notice, this guy IS an oil man for BP, and this is their effort to pull the wool over our eyes and take control of the CNG market. Really though, I'm not mad at Pickins. It's the sell outs in Washington and our State Capital that sell their souls to the highest bidder. Just wait until Obama gets in there. I hear land is cheap in Brazil, and a conversion only costs around $800.00. Any takers?