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As if were not clean enough

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  • As if were not clean enough

    Cleaner burning CNG?

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    Re: As if were not clean enough

    That's great for everyone.
    I never thought about power generation.

    For good info about it in autos...
    Check out the NG and hydrogen blend thread.


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      Re: As if were not clean enough

      When they say cleaner, they are talking about reducing CO2 as well as other 'real' pollutants like NOx. They're basically extracting Carbon from the Methane before it's burned which will reduce the CO2. And, they're talking about big gas engines, not our puny little NGV engines. The same process could make Hydrogen for all those Hydrogen car (no 's') out there
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        Re: As if were not clean enough

        It is also incredably inefficient. So basically, they are USING electricity, to REMOVE a fuel from the fuel. I'm betting the HENG mixture has a LOT less energy than the NG going in, not to mention the efficiency cost of the electricity to do the process in the first place.

        and burning H2 in an engine still produces NOx, at just a slightly lower amount, due to it using less air for the same amount of energy. (NOx is formed from the N2 and O2 in the air reacting in the high heat of combustion.) NOx is pretty controllable with SCR's after the process. The only way to get zero NOx would be to use an oxygen fed engine, so there is no Nitrogen to begin with. Bu then you have the cost of the oxygen.

        The Carson Hydrogen Power project has a much better method of reducing CO2, I believe, in that it is seqestering the CO2 and putting it into the oil wells for enhanced oil recovery.
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          Re: As if were not clean enough

          I was recently chatting with a natural gas company representative and was told that their NG power plant is only about 30% efficient and that they would rather have it used in homes or for other purposes. (They'd experimented with CNG but apparently employees were not using it. Probably just resistant to change ... but I mean, why wouldn't you go out of your way to use your own product?!? They'd had more success with it in Oregon where the servicemen would fuel up the vehicles for the employees ... but don't get me started on that one!)