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Is US overlooking fuel alternative?

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  • Is US overlooking fuel alternative?

    As prices soar, the nation largely ignores the natural-gas option
    Convert Your Vehicle to Compressed Natural Gas - SAFELY
    Link to EPA/CARB legal Conversion
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    Re: Is US overlooking fuel alternative?

    Very interesting links. I browsed them briefly and came up with some interesting conclusions.

    The EPA 'considers' adding CNG to a vehicle to be 'tampering' with the emission controls. If that's their only basis, then it's pretty weak. If you add CNG to a car leaving all of the emisssion controls in and operating, it would be pretty difficult to prove you had 'tampered' with them. Further, if you're in a smog check state and the vehicle still passes smog check, there's even more proof that the pollution controls haven't been 'tampered with.'

    How about an even clearer example. Let's say you install a CNG system on a vehicle that has NO required emission controls (all pre-67 cars if I remember correctly). You can't have tampered with the ECs since there aren't any. There's no OBD or OBDII to worry about. There would be no basis for EPA to even test the arrangement since no pollution controls are involved. How could they 'consider' that to be illegal?
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      Re: Is US overlooking fuel alternative?

      If your in CA no smog for 30 year and older cars.


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        Re: Is US overlooking fuel alternative?

        Originally posted by ajgiorgi View Post
        If your in CA no smog for 30 year and older cars.
        I believe they drew the line at 1974. It was moving up every year. I bought a 79 thinking I would have some fun with it in a few years. Now I'm sweating whether a 383 stroker on propane will go unnoticed come smog time.


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          Re: Is US overlooking fuel alternative?

          Hmm, I've always wanted a 69 Camaro SS, nows my chance to get one and convert it over to cng!


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            Re: Is US overlooking fuel alternative?

            Yes. Tampering with emission contols seems to be there only angle here and YES, it is a very weak one indeed!! This used to be a problem for older conversion kits (and still for some of the cheaper kits). The the new technology allows the addition of CNG without changing anything (or even touching anything) that has to do with emissions.

            The EPA used to post the document that talked about conversions on their website. It said right in that document that they could not recommend, endorse or regulate any aftermarket systems. So this is how they have to go about enforcing what they think they have to....

            Really, we can convert our own personal vehicles all day long, do it right, and it it 100% legal.
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