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ARTICLE - CNG gaining popularity in Utah

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  • ARTICLE - CNG gaining popularity in Utah

    Natural gas conversion for a car is hotter than ever in Utah, with regular unleaded gasoline about to hit $4 a gallon, by some estimates as soon as next week.

    Article is already indicating that many people in Utah tend to not care too much about EPA red tape. Some people I'm sure do, but people here in general are sick of $4 gas already that they don't care about how to get CNG, they just want it, and shops want to jump onboard too, to take advantage of that desire.

    I realize there is a lot of illegal activity here in Utah (which is wrong), but people are going to do what people are going to do I guess. I would never run CNG on a non-EPA certified vehicle on the street. If I ever put a CNG kit to make bi-fuel on my car, I will only use the CNG mode "For off road use only", and run gasoline on the public roads.
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    Re: ARTICLE - CNG gaining popularity in Utah

    The readers comments are interesting to read as well