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SoCalGas Pipelines Flow with Californian RNG

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    CleanEnergyFuels 18 Feb 2021 - CE Announces the opening of an RNG station in Whittier CA

    The station is owned by the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts (LACSD). Clean Energy will provide RNG to fuel heavy-duty trucks and other medium-duty vehicles in the region, including LACSD’s vehicles.

    Located at 3212 Workman Mill Road, the RNG station was designed, built, and will be operated by Clean Energy. The station replaces an older facility and is expected to dispense over 300,000 gallons per year, a 50 percent increase from the prior facility.


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      Smithfield Foods Aug 11 2021 for PRNewswire - Monarch Bioenergy, a joint venture between Smithfield Foods, Inc. and Roeslein Alternative Energy, has finished installing manure-to-energy technology on nearly all of Smithfield's Northern Missouri hog finishing farms. The new technology captures methane emissions and converts them into carbon-negative RNG to power homes, vehicles and businesses.

      Construction of the approximately $150 million project officially began in 2014. The proprietary processes that emerged from the project create carbon-negative RNG at a rate of approximately 800,000 dekatherms annually. Collectively and independently, the companies have embarked on additional manure-to-energy projects across the country in Arizona, California, Colorado, Iowa, North Carolina, Texas, Utah and Virginia.



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        Tammy Mastroberte for Convenience Store News 11 Oct 2021 - Embracing Alternative Fuels Still Important for C-store Industry

        While electric vehicles are getting more and more attention these days, alternative fuels — including ethanol blends, biodiesel, RNG and CNG — continue to grow and should not be overlooked.

        In March 2021, Chevron expanded its joint venture with Brightmark LLC to produce and market dairy biomethane, an RNG, after it teamed up with California Bioenergy LLC and local dairy farmers in September 2020 to achieve the first RNG production from dairy farms in Kern County, Calif. Meanwhile, BP entered a new partnership with Clean Energy Fuels Corp. to develop, own and operate new RNG projects at dairies and other agriculture facilities.

        “There is a resurgence of interest in RNG because it hits environmental concerns people have,” said John Eichberger, executive director of the Fuels Institute. “A couple of years ago, UPS struck a deal with Clean Energy to purchase tons of RNG because it satisfies low-carbon fuel standards.”


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          3 Nov 2021 GLOBE NEWSWIRE - Xebec Acquires Colorado-based UECompression

          Acquisition of Denver based UECompression to expand production from 150 to 190 containerized BGX Biostream and Hy.GEN® hydrogen units per year. Biostream well positioned to lead RNG market for an estimated 8,574 U.S. dairy, poultry, and swine farms identified for biogas production

          Founded in 1983, UEC is a premier designer and builder of custom air and gas compressor solutions for power generation, industrial and energy applications. According to the United States Department of Agriculture and National Pork Producers Council, there are approximately 92,000 active dairy and hog farms in the U.S. The American Biogas Council estimates that approximately 8,574 of these farms are primed for biogas and renewable natural gas production with more than 98 farms already producing RNG for the local transportation market.



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            Business & Industry Connection Magazine 30 Sept 2021 - Shell fires up new RNG facility

            Shell Oil Products US, a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell plc, has successfully achieved startup and production of RNG at its first US biomethane facility, Shell New Energies Junction City in Oregon.

            The facility utilizes locally sourced cow manure and excess agricultural residues to produce an expected 736,000 MMBtu a year of RNG. This milestone is part of a growing portfolio of developing RNG production and distribution assets supporting low-carbon intensity RNG as fuel for heavy-duty, on-road transport.

            Production from Shell New Energies Junction City is expected to help supply Shell RNG fueling sites planned at the company's product distribution complexes in Carson, Van Nuys, Signal Hill, and San Jose, California, and at 3800 NW ST HELENS RD, Portland OR, owned by Shell Midstream Partners L.P.




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              Heavy Duty Trucking 12 Jan 2022 - Cyclum to Construct Network of Renewable Fuel Truck Stops

              Cyclum Renewables has plans to construct a national network of renewable fuel truck stops powered by renewable natural gas. They will dispense RNG, biodiesel, hydrogen, and electricity for electric-vehicle charging.

              Through a partnership with sister company Gess RNG Biogas USA, the companies will purchase carbon-negative RNG.

              Cyclum is locating sites for its first phase of stations, focusing on initial target markets along the West Coast and in North Carolina. On the West Coast, Cyclum is targeting the Interstate 5 corridor, spanning from San Diego, California, to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Special attention will be paid to major ports along this interstate, including San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Vancouver. In North Carolina, Cyclum will focus on major trucking thoroughfares surrounding Charlotte, including I-85, I-77 and I-95.

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                Beth Burmahl for ARGONNE NAT'L LAB. April 12, 2022 - Tracking RNG transportation projects

                Argonne maintains a database of renewable natural gas transportation projects that are currently in operation or under construction. Data shows that between 2019 and 2021, the number of projects that are operational, under construction or planned for transportation increased from 219 to 402 total projects, which is an 85% increase.

                RNG is a ​‘drop-in fuel,’ meaning any natural gas engine can use RNG in the same way as fossil-natural gas. RNG uses existing technology and infrastructure, and no engine modifications are needed. RNG can be transported in any pipeline network. While electric cars are now a viable, clean-energy solution, heavy-duty trucks will take longer to successfully electrify, making RNG a good fuel for near-term decarbonization in large vehicles.

                RNG aids the environment in two ways. Along with cutting greenhouse gas emissions from methane that would otherwise have been emitted, RNG can be used to fuel trucks that would normally burn fossil fuels. Vehicles are the largest source of the greenhouse gas emissions that trap heat in the atmosphere and warm the planet.

                Argonne data shows that in 2021, the 230 operational RNG facilities alone produced the equivalent of over 459 million gallons of diesel, which is enough to fuel 50,000 refuse trucks. That growth represents a 30% increase in production capacity since 2020.

                “Near-zero emission technologies are needed until zero-emission technologies and infrastructure are available and affordable” Marianne Mintz, analyst at the DOE’s Argonne National Laboratory, said. ​“Renewable natural gas is part of a portfolio of solutions. Many of the solutions are going to take time. Renewable natural gas is here now.”





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                  Daniel Gage for NGVAmerica 28 Mar 2022 - America’s Natural Gas Fueling Infrastructure: Now More Important Than Ever

                  Relying on the American natural gas industry for trucking fleets of all sizes can make a huge impact in our long-term independence from foreign fuel.

                  Natural gas vehicles of every size and application exist, employed by dozens of popular brands and fleets on U.S. roadways today. They rely on an established refueling infrastructure supported by a vast and resilient nationwide transmission system with great capacity.

                  A majority of the natural gas motor fuel dispensed in the U.S. today is renewable and thus ultra-low carbon to carbon-negative. It is an evolving, inclusive, long-term, no regret transportation solution with immediate impact. Fueling with RNG, fleets don’t just avoid emissions, they actively remove them from landfills, wastewater, and agricultural and food waste.

                  Our country holds an almost limitless supply of natural gas, with 34 states producing conventional, or geologic, natural gas and every U.S. state having the potential to produce renewable natural gas which could lead to more American jobs. In 2021, RNG production alone contributed 22,600 jobs and $2.6 billion in GDP to the U.S. economy, while achieving $5.4 billion in total business sales.