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Second ship in a series of world?s first LNG-powered containerships is launched

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  • Second ship in a series of world?s first LNG-powered containerships is launched

    • August 31, 2015

    On August 29, General Dynamics NASSCO launched the second ship in a series of the world?s first natural gas powered containerships. The christening and launch ceremony took place at the company?s shipyard in San Diego. The ship, the Perla del Caribe, was built for TOTE, transportation and logistics company. Upon delivery of the first vessel in late-2015, the Jones Act-qualified ships will operate between Jacksonville, Florida, and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Read more


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    A barge which will supply LNG for two TOTE containerships operating between Puerto Rico and Florida was delivered the first week in Jan 2017. It was built by the South Korea firm GAS Entec at the Conrad Orange Shipyard in Texas and the barge holds 581000 gal of LNG. A ship is loaded with 100,000 gal. Ships tank up with LNG from the fuel barge which is loaded at the dockside similar to the process currently used to load marine bunker fuel.

    The second link describes how the container ships are fueled at the Ft Lauderdale end of the route.


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      ESCOBAR, ARGENTINA Sept 5, 2016 – Excelerate Energy L.P. completed its 1000th commercial ship-to-ship (STS) transfer of LNG on August 31, 2016, in Escobar, Argentina at GNL Escobar LNG import terminal. Using Excelerate Energy s floating storage regasification unit (FSRU) Expedient and a conventional LNG carrier, 83,767 cubic meters of LNG were transferred using the double-banked LNG transfer system. To date, Excelerate has successfully transferred over 108,000,000 cubic meters of LNG using its STS protocol.

      Excelerate developed YPF s first LNG import terminal Bahia Blanca Gasport in 2008. Located in Bahia Blanca, Argentina, it was South America s first LNG import terminal and helped open new markets for LNG in the region. In 2011, Argentina again entrusted Excelerate with the responsibility for a second floating regasification terminal, GNL Escobar. Worldwide, Excelerate has performed LNG transfers in Argentina (563), Brazil (171), Kuwait (142), Dubai (56), Pakistan (39), Cyprus (14) and a handful in the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean, UK, West Africa and Gibraltar.


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        Nov 09, 2017 - TOTE to have MAN PrimeServ of Augsburg Germany convert the North Star and Midnight Sun to dual-fuel operation on LNG. The retrofit will be an important milestone for the industry as it prepares for the IMO sulphur cap in 2020.

        TOTE Maritime Alaska handles approximately one-third of goods transportation between the continental US and Alaska. Both the North Star and Midnight Sun are roll on/off ferries used for the fast routes between Anchorage, Alaska and Tacoma, Washington.

        TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico, another TOTE company, is notable for ordering the world s first LNG-powered Marlin class container ships, the Isla Bella and Perla del Caribe, launched in 2015 and both featuring single MAN B&W 8L70ME-GI engines.


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          TOTE Maritime Press Release Nov 2019 - LNG Conversion is scheduled for the nine-week time frame from Dec 13, 2019 to February 14, 2020, TMAK will pull the Midnight Sun out of service to install LNG tanks and continue work to convert the engines.

          PSE LNG plant at Gig Harbor WA. Page 2-5 of below document describes TOTE fueling platform and Puget Sound Energy (PSE) LNG storage tank truck loading facilities at E 11th St and Alexander Ave E Tacoma WA (find new-looking ramp at end of TOTE's pier, LNG tank across street - view with



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            David Rowlands for LNG Industry Jan 9 2020 - Puget LNG set to provide LNG fuel to Potelco fleet vehicles

            Puget LNG, the sister company of Puget Sound Energy (PSE) established to market and sell LNG from the Tacoma LNG facility, has signed a contract to supply LNG to Potelco, Inc. and InfraSource Services, LLC, both operating companies of Quanta Services, Inc. to fuel their electric and natural gas system construction trucks.

            Under the terms of the agreement, Puget LNG will provide more than 1 million gal./yr (2750 ga/day) of LNG for five years.

            According to the statement, Potelco and InfraSource have a combined fleet of over 220 vehicles that operate on LNG.
            Puget LNG claims that Potelco and InfraSource have been using LNG in their service vehicles since 2013. However, without a local source of LNG, they have been forced to transport the fuel from locations outside of the state of Washington.

            According to the statement, Potelco and InfraSource will start receiving LNG when the Tacoma LNG facility is operational, which is scheduled to occur in 2021.