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    Robin Meczes for Commercial Motor 6 March 2020 - Ocado extends its investment in CNG

    Hatfield (London) UK - Online grocery retailer Ocado has ordered a further 30 IVECO Stralis NP CNG tractors. The move follows an initial investment in 29 Stralis NP 4x2 CNG tractors in mid-2018. Ten of the latest blended biomethane-powered trucks have already gone into service, with the remainder due to follow this year.

    The Stralis NP 400 4x2s, powered by a Cursor 9 Euro-6 gas engine, deliver the same output of 400hp and 1,700 Nm of torque as diesel equivalents, according to IVECO. Each vehicle emits 50% less NOx and 95% less particulate matter than current Euro-6 limits, as well as 95% less CO2, it says.

    The performance of the first batch of Stralis NPs has been great, commented Graham Thomas, fleet operations manager at Ocado Group. We’ve now clocked up more than 4,000,000km under gas power, and we know we can comfortably cover a 550km (350mi) range when operating longer routes with our single-deck trailers.

    We didn’t order any new diesel trucks in 2019. Indeed, since our investment in the refuelling site in Hatfield and our first 29 CNG trucks, we have reviewed the market carefully and looked at where the various manufacturers stand in terms of natural gas technology. We are fully confident we are heading in the right direction – hence the order for a further 30 IVECOs.

    In January last year, Ocado self-funded the purchase of an onsite CNG refueling station at its Hatfield Customer Fulfillment Center, which was designed and built by Gasrec to have two dispensers. A second phase to be completed 3Q 2020 will add more storage and an additional compressor.


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      Matthew Mercure for NGTNews April 20, 2020 - Gasrec Notches Record Growth in CNG, LNG Sales

      This record growth follows an influx of new trucks into the market running on CNG or LNG. “The growth we have seen has been phenomenal, with volumes more than doubling between the final quarter of 2019 and the first quarter of 2020,” says James Westcott, CCO of Gasrec. Demand for gas year-to-date is currently split approximately 70/30 in terms of LNG versus CNG, with LNG proving most popular for vehicles requiring maximum range.

      Gasrec supplies fleets from a network of eight refueling facilities, with its flagship site at the Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal (DIRFT) – Europe’s largest dedicated natural gas refueling station – currently running at just over 30% capacity. At maximum utilization, DIRFT has the capacity to refuel 700 heavy-duty vehicles per day.



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        Will Owen for LNG Industry 11 May 2020

        HAM Group has opened an LNG and CNG service station in La Roda Spain for freight carrier Transportes Ojechar. HAM Albacete offers LNG and CNG to the public and is open 24/7, with payment by means of any debit/credit card.

        Will Owen for LNG Industry 27 April 2020 A new Liqvis LNG filling station for trucks has been opened in the central German city of Kassel.

        This is now Liqvis’s second permanent LNG filling station – with the first located in Grünheide near Berlin – and it will replace the mobile station that has been stationed in Kassel up until now. Silvano Calcagno, Managing Director of Liqvis GmbH, says: “Thanks in no small part to the toll exemption in Germany, LNG has established itself as a fuel on the market over the last three years, which can be seen in the large increase in revenue at our filling stations over the past year.”

        Will Owen for LNG Industry 06 May 2020
        Gasum is opening an LNG station in Lieto will open in the summer of 2020 at Eteläkaari 1 in the Avanti business and industrial area. The new station, together with the existing filling station in Turku, will serve logistics customers and companies in Southwest Finland.



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          PitPoint.LNG opens revamped LNG station

          Lydia Woellwarth for LNG Industry 18 May 2020 PitPoint.LNG opens revamped LNG station in Zwolle, the Netherlands

          The station has four times more LNG storage capacity than before in order to meet the increasing demand for LNG. More and more carriers are switching to LNG because of both environmental and financial advantages.