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A few fun CNG videos

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  • A few fun CNG videos

    Orange County CNG Chopper build

    66 Pontiac GTO Conversion

    CNGNow "Make the Change to Natural Gas

    CNG WGRZ Intergiew
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    Re: A few fun CNG videos


    Seeing that Lincoln tank in the back of the '66 Pontiac GTO reminds me of the 1980's video from the CNG Cylinder Company where they drop a similar car from 30 feet, 50 feet, and 70 feet (I think) and how the rear end was always smashed. First off, I would never drop a '66 GTO just to "see what would happen". But it would be interesting to see how the Lincoln tank (or any newer tank for that matter) would hold up in a rear end crash in a late model vehicle. Also, in the CNG Cylinder Company video, the tank is mounted right behind the rear seat allowing almost the entire trunk to act as a "crunch zone".
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      Re: A few fun CNG videos

      great videos! i could never watch enough of them. i find myself sitting and watching videos between class everyday!