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  • Brake Conversion

    I would like to convert the rear drum brakes on my 2005 GX to disk brakes. Does anyone know if there is a kit out for this and how much it costs.
    Bruce D.
    '05 Silver GX

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    Re: Brake Conversion

    I am sure it could be done but what's the point. The front disc brakes provide the majority of the stopping power especially in a front wheel drive vehicle. The reason drum brakes are used in the rear is a fuel economy issue. Most disc brakes drag the pad lightly on the rotor. The shoes in the drum brake retract completely from the brake drum and have lower drag. However, if you really want rear disc brakes I would find a wrecked '05 with rear discs and remove the entire brake system including the master cylinder, any proportioning valves, abs pump and controller and all brake lines. You want to be really careful if you are messing around with the brake system. If you sell the car in the future, the change may become a liability.


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      Re: Brake Conversion

      I agree witth Siai47. A few years ago I had been thinking about converting an old 4X4 Cherokee from drum to disc on the rear and that is certainly an option some had already done with as many mods as have been used by rock-crawling enthusiasts. It makes sense for those who are crawling around and bouncing through boulder fields etc. to have a desire for the best possible braking and holding solutions for the sake of their sport and safety. I believe it is a different story on the part of the average daily driver where the braking system is developed and designed with the ideas of safety coupled with economy. What I have come to believe as regards braking over the years is that one should focus the greatest amount of concern on having full and correct functionality of the original braking design alongside the best rubber for the surfaces and weather conditions. As to the functionality of the rear drum set.... it is advisable to have someone qualified verify that they are engaging with the pedal as well as confirming that whatever auto-adjustment system that Honda put in place is functional. I have seen on both the Cherokee mentioned above as well as on a CNG Cavalier that my son drives where rear drum brakes were not engaging and/or adjusting properly leading to questionable stopping ability and severe wear on the front disc pads and other hardware. On the topic of tires everyone has opinions but after a lot of research I choose to run the Michelin Hydroedge on my CNG Crown Victorias here in Utah and have done so throughout 2 winters with little complaint on my part regarding safety and I believe the opinions and research are solid on them helping with better than 5% gain in fuel economy.
      The only other thing I will mention is that I have seen advertisements for some brake adjustment device (I forget what it was called) or detente switch allowing for direct adjustment to the priority of the percentage that the braking system sends to the axles, but other than for specific sport usage or for some limited usage in industry I would not recommend even that device.


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        Re: Brake Conversion

        I did the rear disc conversion on my '09 GX. It was not a cost effective venture, but I wanted 4wdb. If you go the route of buying OEM parts from an EX, you could end up spending over $5K just for the parts. I bought the rearend assembly out of a wrecked '07 which included struts, springs, the knuckles and most importantly the ABS sensors. The rotors were trash and the calipers are not resold for safety reasons. Cost for donor parts - $700 including shipping. I then added to the project for a BBK from Wilwood, including a park brake option. After parts and labor to have it all installed, I was in for ~$3k. I also put the Willwood BBK on the front. Looks great, stops great, and it can be done.
        '11 Fusion Bi Fuel & FMQ2-36 VRA
        (Former owner '09 Civic GX)


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          Re: Brake Conversion

          What said. Anything can be done with money or your own skills. I have a 1972 4wd blazer with a twin turbo Duramax in it with 4 wheel abs 4Wheel Disc brakes and no I did not use the transfer case nor front axle assy from the Duramax I fabed a 1974 transfer case to read abs and a 1986 Ford Dana 60 front axle to have the correct tone wheels and sensors too.
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