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  • GX Trailer Hitch


    Thinking of having a light duty trailer hitch installed on my 09 GX.

    Would this invalidate either the factory warranty or the Honda Care extended warranty that I purchased?

    Thanks for your input.


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    Re: GX Trailer Hitch

    I have a hitch installed on my '07 GX. It was a little tricky to install.
    Only used it twice for 'very light weight' on my trailer (a king mattress set, and a BBQ). Once I had a rather heavy load (about 1000lb) only to turn around after a few miles and use another car.
    It felt like someone constantly pulling you back...

    Back to topic: I also have the Honda extended warranty and recently had one rear shock replaced under this program - it made very laud squeaky noise. No problem, I'm sure the mechanic notice the hitch.


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      Re: GX Trailer Hitch

      The aftermarketn item has to have directly caused the problem for them to void the warranty coverage on that item.
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        Re: GX Trailer Hitch

        If you read your owners supplement it specifically says that you are not supposed to tow with the GX. That being said, I would be concerned that if you had a transmission failure, or had any drive train or suspension failure on the vehicle, you can bet that this would become a matter of contention, as well as an excuse deny warranty work. Is it worth the risk? For $20 a day you can rent a truck from any number of sources. You can install a roof rack for less and not have to worry about it. Yakima makes a nice setup that I've seen on the Civic's.


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          Re: GX Trailer Hitch

          Thanks for this info. I was going to have a jack installed tomorrow for a bike rack. Think I will use a roof rack instead.


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            Re: GX Trailer Hitch

            Hey Malibu, Just a thought...
            If you don't need to put more than one bike in the car,
            I suggest that you avoid a bike rack. I have a Cervélo R3 that I pop off the front wheel
            and put in the back seat, and use a bungee around the head tube and the LATCH ring behind the
            left rear seat passenger head rest. It takes 30 seconds to load and unload. I don't like the thought
            of having a bike worth half as much as my car (09GX) hanging on a bike rack, rear or roof.
            I do put a towel on the rear seat, and locate the rear tire behind the passenger seat, the removed front tire
            on the left rear passenger seat. I can take a picture if you like.
            I would only use the roof rack if you need to carry 2 bikes. They take a lot longer to load and add a good amount of drag to the car....

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              Re: GX Trailer Hitch

              Hey all, I agree with CaptJeff that inside car is best choice for just one bike (especially high dollar one).

              However, yet another option for 2 bikes is go ahead and install the hitch, but then use one of those hitch racks that will hold two bikes that are behind the car where they don't affect drag as much as on top of car. Also, hate to see a nice bike get crunched on roof rack if you forgot it was there and went through drive-through for a cup of coffee!!

              That hitch on back could then be used to install an aluminum carrier for coolers, or other bulky items that you use on some other trip that might not fit inside the small trunk of GX. Having a hitch doesn't mean it's going to be used for pulling a trailer!!


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                Re: GX Trailer Hitch

                I need to tranport more than one bike. I can actually get 2 small bikes in the back of the GX but 2 larger bikes just won't fit with 2 people in the vehicle. I have also had problems with the trunk mounted bike racks. My concern, now that I know about the issues with towing, with the hitch would be that if there is a problem with the vehicle and I tow it to Honda, how do I approve that I have only been hauling bikes and not towing. Fortunately or unfortunately, my bikes are not that expensive.


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                  Re: GX Trailer Hitch

                  As a suggestion, you might install the hitch, get one with the small receiver, and weld in the bike adptor to the receiver. Then modify the vertical piece so you remove it when you don't want to haul bikes. There would be no place to mount a ball on the hitch mechanism.