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Other Honda dealerships with CNG Fueling? HMMMM?

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  • Other Honda dealerships with CNG Fueling? HMMMM?

    What's up Curtis,
    I was wondering after you figure out how everything works with your fuel dispenser at your dealership if they're will be other dealerships doing the same thing. That would be great in the bay area. I think only Stevens Creek Honda in San Jose is the only one that sells the GX in the south bay. Would the dealership have to sell GX's in order to put in a dispenser? Because, one at Anderson's Honda in Palo Alto would be ideal, it's right off of the freeway and there are no stations in that area. Honda would make a killing.

    Thanks Curtis,
    Anthony Giorgi
    P.S. I like the new website. Keep up the great work!

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    Re: Other Honda dealerships with CNG Fueling? HMMMM?

    When I put in my station, a lot of ears went up all over the country at different Honda dealers. There was a lot of, "Why didn't I think of theat?" type of thinking. I was certain that there would be a knee-jerk reaction and at least a few dealers would follow suite... but alass, it appears that will not be the case.

    Your best bet is to identify the cng owners in your area, organize and work on the owner of the dealerships by sending petitions to them with the names of interested users. I'd also talk to your local Air Quality District and see if they would be open to assisting the dealership with such a project. Identify one (or more) of the companies that can construct these facilities in your area and provide a package if info to the owner with the whole plan already laid out for him.

    1) Here is a need you can address. Public CNG fueling
    2) Here is a list showing potential users, and don't forget fleets in the area, cab companies, military, state, etc
    3) Here are the people that will pay for your facilities. (AQMD + Fed tax credits)
    4) Here are the people that can do the construction.
    5) Get clean cities involved to make the sales pitch and you may be well on your way.

    Most dealer, and dealer employees would have no idea of how to get to step one.
    Just like writing any other job proposal. The owner of a dealership has a lot of things on his mind, your station isn't one of them. This is just another headache that he has to deal with (from his perspective). You need to do all the research, identification of resources, putting a plan in writing, aligning all the players so that everything flows-once set into motion. and requires as few of his brain cells as possible.

    That's how I got mine, that's how you can get yours.


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      Re: Other Honda dealerships with CNG Fueling? HMMMM?

      Sa I am sure Curtis has found out installing a station can be daunting. It would be great If Honda of America would get behind thai Idea. even if it is a simple Fuelmaker station to give curtiousy fills for their service customers.


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        Re: Other Honda dealerships with CNG Fueling? HMMMM?

        There are some dealers that have put in Phill and others that have put in FMQ's. Neither of which makes any sence at the dealership level. A minimal level for a dealership is probably where I am now, and that's about $250k. A CE style facility is more like $1mill.

        As for American Honda... They invested in Fuelmaker and helped make the Phill a reality. Since the dealerships are franchised, they're probably on their own. I'd like to see every Honda dealer that sells the GX install a station... in a perfect world.