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    First off Curt, this is an excellent web site dedicated to the CNG users like my self. Job well done!! I would like to express myself to you and hopefully to Honda that their automobiles need to be duel fuel. I have thought long and hard about buying a CNG Honda. I would put Honda right up there as #1 and want one badly but must give in to reality as I have no filling stations here close to Missoula MT. I do however have a home filling appliance (VRA) that serves me well. I have a Ford Countour CNG, OK quit laughing, that I use local and could just as easily switch over to gasoline and do some serious long distance driving. This is the point I'd like Honda to see. This nation isn't set up yet for CNG and buying a dedicated Honda CNG is limited to it's availability of CNG. Yes I know my Contour is probably running on borrowed time, but it does run well. I'm seriously considering a CNG Cavalier even though I despise Chevrolet and GM. I think most of the nation would buy Honda's instead of these second class vehicles. Had a station been in Missoula I wouldn't hesatate and just go dedicated CNG Honda. But now I'm relying on my VRA to last forever, once it breaks down The Honda is dead too. But if duel fuel, run the gasoline until compressor could be fixed. Here's something that Honda overlooked. The Very Best Rgds. to you and this web site. Harry

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    Re: Feed back for Curt

    Harry, thanks for the kudo's on the site, but a lot of people put a lot of effort and time into making cngchat what it is, and for all of us it's a labor of love.

    Keep in mind that the GX started it's life as a dedicated cng vehicle targeting fleets, and to some extent... it still is. With the exception of our gasoline spike in the summer of last year, the driving public is a small portion of the ngv purchasing market.

    I agree that the nation (as a whole) is not ready for dedicated vehicles, but places like Calif/Utah/New York are... and other regions are on their way. The problem is the old "chicken & the egg". No cars... you can't get infrastructure. No infrastructure... no one buys the cars.

    Fleets will have to lead the way here and with tougher federal regulations about reducing consumption, GHG reduction, dictates on percentages of AFV's being purchased will lead some to make the first step. Incentives, tax perks, grants and other incentives will make some of those add public sites... and so on.
    Some private infrastructure going public also helps.

    Unfortunately not all fleets see AFV's as the way to go, and of those that do... a small percentage wish to go cng. One big piece of the puzzle is the heavy duty market. You will see that this is the real direction for the big-rig market... and infrastructure is growing in it's wake and will continue.

    There are well over 100 cng stations planned from the ARRA funds/projects that will go up in the next year or so. Do any of these help you personally, and others in your shoes? ... not much, if at all, depending on where you live. Your state may not be riding the infrastructure wave yet... but they will eventually.

    In the meantime folks like you continue to pioneer those under-served parts of the country in the best way you can, with bi-fuel vehicles. My hat is off to you sir for being one of the true pioneers. There's no heroics involved when I jump in my GX and drive 200 miles South to San Diego, as I did this weekend. I can only do so with ease and comfort because people of your ilk have paved the way for me over the preceeding decades.

    You are the trailblazer in your neck of the woods. And your activities, like talking to people about your AFV use, perhaps even getting involved with your local Clean Cities program to help them push cng in your area is what will pave the way for those that follow you. You, sir, are the leading edge of the sword and the forward thinker in your part of the country.

    And next time gasoline hits $4.00 a gallon... you will be the envy of everyone you know. Besides, you'll be able to dump that Contour at 3 times what it's worth. If you go with the Cavalier... do your homework. I think it was 2004 and newer that were the good years to buy... but the GM guys here on the site can straiten you out on that point.

    All the best and welcome to the site. We look forward to seeing you on the boards... and keep up the good work.