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PG&E's 2010 NGV2 Rate Increase

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  • PG&E's 2010 NGV2 Rate Increase

    Hi Curtis. Here is my comment I put also in the "In the News" forum.

    "I hope I have the correct forum to address PG&E's NGV2 rate under the CPUC application no. 09-05-026 that was presented in echambelain's thread a few hours ago that echamberlain got from PG&E's Jill Egbert. Unfortunately Ms. Ebert’s communication is not very clear. It's not only the NGV2 rate that is going up, but more specifically the charge to compress the gas that appears to be going up by 27% based upon my recent conversation with Ms. Egbert. Unfortunately, when one goes on PG&E's tariff rates on their web site,
    that establishes PG&E's NGV2 rate, one finds that the NGV2 rate is composed of three elements: Procurement, Transportation and their PPP surcharge expressed in $/therm and then converted to $/GGE. So it appears this PG&E rate increase applies to the "Transportation" portion of the NGV2 rate only. One will notice by opening PG&E NGV2 link on their tariff web site, that the transportation portion of the NGV2 rate has been consistently $0.97938/therm for the entire year of 2009, not $1.014/therm as shown in Ms. Egbert’s email. At any rate, since PG&E's NGV2 rate fluctuates every month, it is clear to me that if CPUC approves PG&E's rate increase for NGV2, it will increase by 27% across the board for 2010. Incidentally, Ms. Ebert's email only provided a 68 page document from CPUC on how to provide testimony, and not when the actual application hearing will take place. Very poor communication by PG&E. I found the hearing date on CPUC's web site. The hearing will be held in San Francisco and the hearing begins Jan. 25, 2010 and may last more days. I recommend everyone who purchases CNG from PG&E attend, and protest this rate increase. I will and will provide prima facie evidence to support my request for CPUC to deny PG&E's rate increase. For any additional comments, please let me know."

    I talked to PG&E and they told me CNGChat had considerable information on PG&E's NGV2 rate increasse, but I found only a few threads on the In the News Forum. Did I miss some others. If so, where?


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    Re: PG&E's 2010 NGV2 Rate Increase

    You were correct in posting comments to the other thread:

    I will close this one to avoid parallel discussions.

    The subject thread is also being moved to the Northern California forum as it is specific to the area.