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  • Gas Prices Up!

    CE has upped the price now to 2.14 at the Maple St, Santa Ana pumps. It was 1.89 just a short while ago. This is a 15% increase in about one week, on top of the steady climb for the past several months. While I do not buy gasoline any longer, it does appear we are almost on par with that fuel.

    How is this possible given that natural gas prices over the same period of time months is down double digits? Crude oil prices are up considerably, though that is not the case for CNG/ Seems to me if CE is locking in on low contract prices we'd see some consideration at the pump.

    The cab drivers do not seem to notice. I have!

    Frankly this is continuing to make me consider a hybrid.
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    Re: Gas Prices Up!

    Nothing new... CE does not price their sales based on NG prices. It is priced based on average gasoline prices, minus a 'discount'. This has always been their practice, and will remain until there is adequate competition to cause them to price lower. Most municipality prices are following NG pricing, and staying quite low (City of Riverside - $1.22)

    Originally posted by dmccrary90025 View Post
    Frankly this is continuing to make me consider a hybrid.
    That's just silly... CNG at CE is a fixed discount BELOW gasoline, meaning it will always be cheaper than the gasoline the hybrid will be burning. Especially if you are commuting at/near highway speeds, where the advantages of the hybrid drive go away quite quickly, while CNG savings remain.
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      Re: Gas Prices Up!

      "Nothing new" is exactly my point. For the past 18 months I have not seen anything for the better. Change is necessary to make these cars work as a viable alternative.

      In addition, I respectfully disagree, this it is not silly to consider the new hybrids as they are improving in fuel efficiency and range. Gasoline, at least for the near term, will be available and convenient. CNG is poor at best in both of these regards.

      Patience is necessary, but as time passes and their is no obvious movement to add a meaningful amount of new CNG pumps, or to get the kind of price that a competitive market should provide (especially given the total implosion of CNG contracts in the last 12 months, approx 70% down), how is this a viable option?

      I vote trying something else next, not CNG, unless something changes and for the better soon. What's going to happen when gas is $5ish? Ours is going to be $4ish? How is CNG then a viable economic option? Avg fuel economy for the NGV is not that great compared to the new hybrids.

      One option is to fuel at home and that is looking increasingly compelling. At least the utilities sell at a fair price.
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