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Where lies the next level?

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  • Where lies the next level?

    I wanted to post a question to the group about cngchat.

    I am always looking for ways to have the site better service the NGV community. To provide a community environment that exists nowhere else on the web. Cngchat has brought industry professionals, fleet managers, manufacturers, educators, Clean Cities, utilities and thousands of regular people with an interest in this wonderful fuel source together. We share knowledge, information, details and have even had an effect on politicical outcomes from our members grassroots efforts... so what's next?

    What can cngchat be for you?

    So what's next? Where is the next level for this site? I'd like some feedback about what you, the members, would like to see on this site. What features could make the site better? What services could it provide?

    At this point we're just brainstorming idea's. I want to hear from you! Do you want to see a blogspot (we already have one), live chat?... You tell me what would take this site to the next level.

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    Re: Where lies the next level?


    I got thinking about this. And several of things I thought would be great...we already have. I think there are a lot of members that don't know the capability of CNGChat right now. Here is a list of things that already exist in CNGChat. Please feel free to add to this list something that I forgot.

    Interacitve Forums (this includes uploading/downloading of files)
    Photo Gallery
    Calender showing upcoming events
    RSS and email alerts
    Interactive Control Panel (the ability to email any member/PM/view personals)

    Would it be worth it to have a live chat room? Would this increase the amount of members we have online at one time?
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      Re: Where lies the next level?

      I would like to see a section more devoted to the NGV market. I turned to CNGCHAT when I was not able to find a couple bi-fuels, CNGCHAT helped but it could have been simpler.


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        Re: Where lies the next level?

        I have to agree, we are pretty well featured, but a live chat would be an interesting addition.
        During the CNG Chat Radio shows, I found the live chat to be very satisfying. Having an immediate response and a flowing, interactive conversation can be productive and enlightening, not to mention fun.
        The only downside I see, is like the radio show, the sessions would have to be hosted/moderated to keep them clean and on track.
        Unless, we treat them like a late night talk shows and loosen the reigns a bit, of course depending on the air time.
        I'm curious when our peak use times are? John or Curtis, do we have any admin tools to show usage stats or a report we can crunch into a graph?
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          Re: Where lies the next level?

          Great ideas, all.
          Yes, we do have some stats on website use by time of day, let me look into posting some. Alaska GX, perhaps a classified ad type of application is what you are after?


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            Re: Where lies the next level?

            It would help me, black cat, if there was a cng macanic on board to help like I have taken my 2001 windstar (cng added) to the installer many times but the motor still dies, coasting up to a stop from 40 to 25 miles an hr they put it on the compter and says it runs just great. My macanic is having me run on gasoline for a few days to see if it still dies. the last time I took in to the installer they said the ncg fillter was bad (didn't help) $49.00 for a 2" tube, plus labor. sure could use some help cngchat. (all this labor cost dosn't save me money for useing cng)
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              Re: Where lies the next level?

              Actually there are several cng mechanics in the group. We also have upfitters (conversion companies), as well as station installers, auto dealers and mechanics that work for dealers, even a rocket scientist and numerous engineers, just to keep it interesting. Posting your specific problem, along with conditions under when it occurs, like when the cars cold, warm, outside temp if applicable, operating conditions, etc. Be as specific as possible so that others can get a mental workup of the problem and when it occurs. Best to do this in the correct vehicle forum so that those with experience with your type of vehicle can help out.


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                Re: Where lies the next level?

                I would like to see a section, or feature, devoted solely to "HOW-TO GUIDES". I think it would be great to have a Wikepedia-style 'how-to' that professionals and laypersons alike could update and keep current. We could have a 'How-To' guide for changing coalescing filters, one about how to service an IMPCO LPR, or how to replace fill-valve O-rings etc...
                It would be nice to have a single place on the site where I could find How-to info, instead of having to search through multiple threads, especially since I can't search for terms like LPR, HPR, etc since they have too few characters.

                That leads me to my other suggestion. It sure would be great to be able to search for terms like LPR, HPR, GX, etc. It gets really hard to narrow down your searches when you're limited to big words. I can search for "pressure regulator" but I can't refine my search to "low pressure regulator" because 'LOW' is too few letters. and I can't search for LPR either, so my search returns many results that I don't need, but doesn't return any results in threads where only the term LPR was used without mentioning "regulator".