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NGV's and the Natural Gas Supply

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  • NGV's and the Natural Gas Supply

    What happens if a lot more people start driving Natural Gas vehicles? Will we strain our supply? Will prices jump? What about hurricanes effecting the availability of Natural Gas?

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    Re: NGV's and the Natural Gas Supply

    One thing they didn't mention was that Natural Gas is provided as a utility to residential customers, which helps keep prices down for those of us who fill at home. The Gas Companies purchase it under long-term contracts, so the price fluctuations don't get passed on to residential customers very quickly if at all.

    On the other hand, the fact that private companies like Clean Energy get a credit from the Federal Government doesn't mean that they pass even $0.01 of it on to us users. In the absence of a contract which limits the price to the public (as some municipalities have with CE) we are at the mercy of CE and 'the market' even though there are way too few CNG stations to constitute any kind of efficient 'market.'
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      Re: NGV's and the Natural Gas Supply

      Southern California Gas Company adjusts its pricing once a month. I wish I could say the same about my corner (not natural) gas station.
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