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    I've heard several contradicting statements as to how often the two filters need to be changed. What is the final word? How long can I go before I have to change the filters. Is there someone besides my local Honda Dealer who can do it? Can I do it myself?

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    Honda's recommended filter change interval is based on 'worst case' conditions -- you refill regularly at commercial stations which are poorly maintained and have oil and/or water in the fuel, or you fuel from a home gas well where oil and or water get through to your car. In those cases, you would be smart to change the filters frequently. I almost always refill at home with a utility gas supply and oilless compressor and so there is little chance of oil or water getting in my fuel.

    You didn't say which year, but at least for 01-05 GXs the low pressure filter is about as easy to change as an oil filter (which is exactly what it looks like). It's just hard to get to, requiring an oil filter adapter on the end of a long socket extension. The high pressure element is a little trickier to replace because you have to open its housing. It's a dirty job, too, because it's mounted underneath the car in the rear. For both filters, just be sure to release the fuel pressure first by closing the manual tank shutoff valve and letting the engine idle until it dies.
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