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  • tax incentives - colorado

    Can anyone help me. I had a philfuelmaker installed in my garage. Am I elgible for a tax credit for the purchase and instllation cost.

    Aslo I live in Colorado, am I elgible for a state tax credit for the cost?

    I also converted my 1995 ford pickup to run on propane. Does anyone know if I am elgible for a federal or state tax credit for the cost of this converison?


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    Re: tax incentives - colorado

    There is a $1000 federal tax credit that you can claim on your federal return. You can check with your local Air Quality Management District to see if they could find it in their hearts to help you offset the overall costs with a grant. You can site California's $2000 South Coast AQMD incentive, as well as my Antelope Valley AQMD $2000 Home Refueling Grant, as presedence for such an action on their part. I'm personally not aware of other applicable incentives in CO.


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      Re: tax incentives - colorado


      If I remember the numbers correctly, you are eligible for 35% of the entire cost of Phill. I did this last year and I eventually got my money. I had to send in my documents about 5 times before it finally went through. The 5th time that I sent it in, I mailed it with return receipt because they kept claiming that they lost it.

      Don't do a Colorado e-file, mail everything in and attach a cover letter explaining all the paperwork associated with the purchase and installation of the Phill. I am about to go through the same process for the FMQ that I purchased. Unlike the federal government, you should be able to claim additional costs for the alternative fueling infrastructure so I should still be good claiming the tax credit for my FMQ.